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We are here to invite you to share your story on FinanceShed! Share your best article or your story with us. We are honored that you would want to share your content with the readers of our website and are super excited and hopeful of some great contents coming our way.

Guest Post Policy & Guidelines

We have listed some guidelines below that we need you to follow. If you want your post to be published, you must follow the instructions.

Quality Requirements

A lot of thought and hard work goes in the making of a blog post. It takes experience and research to make a perfect blog post. Here are a few things we need you to follow –

  • Word Count – The longer the post, the better. An essay of above 500 words that tells a story, informs and educates the readers, is preferred.
  • LanguageThe essay should be in English, being the main language of the audience. Any other language will not be accepted.
  • OriginalityWe appreciate originality. Posts should not be copied from any other source. They must be written by you, may already be posted by you on your site.

Preferred Topics & Subjects

On FinanceShed, we help people get out of debt, help them manage their personal finances, educate them about the importance of a budget and saving money and help them build wealth. We post informational articles, providing suggestions relating to finances through our posts, providing them with reasons to start a business and escape jobs.

Stories about how you got out of debt, how you saved your money and tackled financial troubles are loved by our audiences. Send us your best content and we will post it here!

Some of our topics include:

  • Finances
  • Budgeting
  • Emergency Fund
  • Investing &
  • Making Money

Link Requirements & Policies

We do not want to receive spam articles that link outside from the site more than it is required.

  • Internal Links – We will read through your post after submission and see if we can link it to other articles on our site and vice versa. We want the information to be easily accessible and you can add some internal links yourself.
  • Number of Links Allowed Per PostWe do not have a set number of links allowed in the posts. You can link as many links you like till they make sense.
  • Affiliate LinksAny affiliate links are not allowed from guest authors. If you have these links in your post, they will either be changed or removed.
  • Linking To Your Own Content You are allowed to link to appropriate content once within your article if it makes sense.
  • Author BoxNobody takes advice from anonymous sources. You must have your email setup with your picture which you submit to us. Audiences should be able to see you and your name when your post goes online.


We try to respond to each and every comment on our site as we aim to build a relationship with our readers. We expect you to do the same. Authors of each guest posts are responsible for comments on their respective posts.

Post Image Requirements

Make sure not to copy images from sources you are not allowed to. It must be your original image or you can get images free of cost from Pexels.

For the header images 750*415 works well. We use Canva to create our images.

Republishing Policies

Articles posted on FinanceShed are original, written by you. All the credit will go the respective authors of the articles.

Editorial Policies

We have the right to edit your posts for grammatical errors, content or anything we do not like or find fit for our readers. Do not feel offended if we suggest too many changes.


We will post your article on our site and try to promote it through our marketing strategies. Make sure you post it on your channels and get it promoted.

Formatting Preferences

Use sub-headings where appropriate. Please use bullets points.

Where to submit?

Send us your article via email at financeshedd@gmail.com. We will contact you, if we find your article interesting and if we need you to make any changes in your article.

When we post your article on our website, we will provide you with the link and acknowledgment through an email. Regards.