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Are you a finance writer? Finance Shed is your one-stop solution then. If you have been looking for the best Write for Us Finance options in Google for a long time, you have ended up in the right place. Our primary objective is to put forward all the necessary personal finance and business finance-specific information in front of the audience.

And if you think you are an expert in finance writing and you are someone who can contribute to our “finance” “write for us” section, go ahead now. In our blog, you will get every bit of finance information from financial advice to tips to save money, and so on. Moreover, the write for us + finance section of our website can also lead you to contribute a flawless piece of content on money-saving tips, loans, mutual funds, investments, etc.

We are always excited to have quality, informative, grammatically correct, and flawless content published on our website. So, if you can create high-end content that can bring value to our readers with well-researched and full-proof information, reach out to us soon.

You can send in your questions that are related to finance + write for us and we will give you the right answers with perfect solutions. However, Finance Shed has a bunch of crucial guidelines that you have to follow to get your high-quality blogs or articles published with us. 

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What are the Guest Post Policy & Guidelines of Finance Shed?

The editorial team of Finance Shed ensures that the contents we receive are of premium quality. So, you have to make sure that the blogs or articles that you are planning to send over to us meet our requirements. What do you have to remember?

Let’s check out…

We like long and informative posts. So, make sure you are keeping the word count of your articles around or above 800 words. We believe only well-researched and insightful content can create a significant impact on the readers’ minds. Thus, if you are planning to send your content to us, make it informative. 

English is the primary language for most of the audience. So, the article should only be in the English language.

Send us the Plagiarism-Free content only. The article/blog should be freshly created by you and not copied from any other source or posted on your website (The same topic is acceptable, but not the content in it.). 

The content should be easy to read and engaging to help an amateur reader or searcher too!

There should be proper structuring of the content, add appropriate subheadings, and make short paragraphs. This will increase readability.

The grammar of your content should be advanced and good.

What Topics and Subjects do We Like the Most? 

Finance Shed aims to solve its readers’ finance-specific issues thoroughly. We ensure that the contents we publish are well-researched and structured perfectly. Our readers are more interested to know about money savings, investments, financial planning, loans, and much more. So, if you have some effective business ideas and insights, finance solutions, and management strategies, don’t forget to share them with us. 

Moreover, personalized stories are also appreciated from you concerning your saving tricks, how you have tackled financial issues, beaten your debt, or started a new business with very little budget, etc. Today’s readers love to read about these topics because personal experiences call for analyzing, understanding, and learning things better.

The primary topics that we are interested to receive your content are:

Managing Personal Finance

Business Finance

Finance Planning and Analyzing


Emergency Fund


Investment Ideas 

Investment Tips


Types of Loans

Debit and Credit Cards

Mutual Funds


Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Altcoins, and Tokens

Income Tax


Insurance Management

Apart from the above topics, we are also open to many other topics in the finance industry. So, our forte is a comprehensive one. But make sure that you are not sending us any spam articles because we don’t like that. 

What are the Link Requirements and Policies of Finance Shed?

Just like our editorial team, the content and SEO experts will also review your content before posting that on the website. So, make sure you are strictly following the below link requirement guidelines:

You should at least add one internal link in the article. This way, the information will be easily accessible.

You can add as many links as you like, but make sure they make sense in the article and share the additional information and value to the content. We don’t have any set of numbers of links allowed per post!

The Affiliate Links are not allowed by the guest author’s side. If there will be any, it will either be removed or changed.

You can add a single link to your content in the article if it makes sense.

Advice is either given by an expert or someone known. In the digital world, Author Bio is your identity, so don’t forget to add it with an e-mail ID or link to any of your social media accounts. The reader will be able to see the author’s bio with your name and image. Also, with this, you will have all the credibility of the article. 

Note that our comment section is off! We don’t allow anyone to comment on our article, but you can share the live link on any social media platform for the promotion!

Finance Shed: Image Requirement

We like our blogs to be visually appealing. So, if you send your blogs to us with striking images, we will be more than happy to accept them! Just you need to ensure that the images you are sending us don’t belong to such sources for which you don’t have permission to access.

The best thing for us is you create your image for the blogs that you submit to us or get your image creatively done from any free image platform like Pexels. One thing we are very specific about our images is the size. So, get us the images not less than 750 * 415 in size! 

P.S.: Canva is our choice for the header images of the blogs. 

Editorial Policies of Finance Shed 

Our expert and experienced editorial team adjust to nothing less than perfection! So, if you are writing for us, we take the right to edit your blogs for any grammatical error, typo, or structural mistake, etc. if required. In short, anything that we don’t find fit for our readers, we will get rid of that in your content. 

Finance Shed Promotion

You can be assured that the blogs you will create for us will be promoted at their maximum level. We will not only ensure that we post your blogs on our website but also make sure that your contents get enough views and traffic through the effective strides of our efficient marketing team. However, what you can do from your end is that you can share the published links of your content on our website on your social channels to get them promoted even more! 

How to Submit Your Content on Finance Shed?

You can send us your content via email at financeshedd@gmail.com. If we like your content and think that it is meeting our expectations and guidelines, we will share the live link with you soon with an acknowledgment email of course. However, if we feel any change has to be done as per our requirement, we will update you with that as well. 

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Thank you for your interest in ‘Finance Shed’. Looking forward to speaking to you soon!