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Hello Folks, 
Welcome to Finance Shed’s “Write for us” page.

On our website, you will find all the necessary information related to managing personal finance and business finance. With every blog, you will get the best financial advice, money-saving tips, then be it related to mutual funds, loans, or even investments

We are super excited to have your quality and informative content posted on our website. The main aim of the website is to provide our valued readers with foolproof information.

So, if you are a writer, a contributor, an expert, or a website, who is willing to contribute an informative article on topics like Investment, Budget, Loans, Money savings, Credit, Business tips, or Managing Finances & finance planning, contact us through the “Write for us” page.

Send in your queries and we will help you get the content posted on the website. However, we have set a few guidelines for a guest post to get the best blog posts for our readers. Please, scroll down to read them!

Guest Post Policy & Guidelines

Below are the guidelines that you need to consider before drafting a guest post for our website. 

Quality Requirements

When you curate perfect and qualitative content, there goes a lot of research and hard work. Here are a few things we need you to follow –

  • The longer the post, the better. Keep the word count of the article around or above 800 words. Comprehensive information is needed to create a lengthy article that will eventually educate the reader. (And, that’s what our aim is!)
  • English is the primary language for most of the audience. So, the article should only be in the English language.
  • Send us the Plagiarism-Free content only. The article/blog should be freshly brewed by you and not copied from any other source or posted on your website (The same topic is acceptable, but not the content in it.). 
  • The content should be easy to read and engaging to help an amateur reader or searcher too!
  • There should be proper structuring of the content, add appropriate subheadings, and make short paragraphs. This will increase readability.

Preferred Topics & Subjects

As mentioned above, here on our website, we look to solve people’s finance-related issues without any bias. All the contents on our website are well-researched and structured. Hence, we expect the same.

The readers on FinanceShed learn about money savings, investments, finance plannings, business, loans, and many more. We highly support the Startups by providing business ideas, finance solutions, and Management.

Send us your stories on how you managed to save money, tackled all your financial issues, got out of debt, or started your new venture with very little finance. People love analyzing, understanding, and learning from personal experiences. (Don’t you?)

Send us your best content, and we will post it! 

Also, here’s the list of topics that you can write on:

  • Managing Personal Finance
  • Business Finance
  • Finance Planning and Analyzing
  • Budgeting
  • Emergency Fund
  • Investment 
  • Investment Ideas 
  • Investment Tips
  • Trading
  • Types of Loans
  • Debit and Credit Cards
  • Mutual Funds
  • SIP
  • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Altcoins, and Tokens
  • Income Tax
  • Insurance 
  • Insurance Management

There’s more to this. The list is endless. Basically, you can write on any topic related to the Finance industry, and we will provide a shed for it (if the article is according to our guidelines).

We do not want to receive spam articles that link outside the site more than required. And hence,

Link Requirements & Policies

Our content and SEO experts will review your content before posting. So take care of the following points:

You should at least add one internal link in the article. This way, the information will be easily accessible.

You can add as many links as you like, but make sure they make sense in the article and share the additional information and value to the content. We don’t have any set of numbers of links allowed per post!

The Affiliate Links are not allowed by the guest author’s side. If there will be any, it will either be removed or changed.

You can add a single link to your own content in the article if it makes sense.

Advice is either given by an expert or someone known. In the digital world, Author Bio is your identity, so don’t forget to add it with an e-mail ID or link to any of your social media accounts. The reader will be able to see the author’s bio with your name and image. Also, with this, you will have all the credibility of the article.

Note that our comment section is off! We don’t allow anyone to comment on our article, but you can share the live link on any social media platform for the promotion!

Post Image Requirements

Make sure the image you are providing isn’t from the sources you are not allowed to take. You can either create your own original image or get it from a free to use image platform like Pexels.

The dimensions for the header image should be at least 750*415

FYI: We use Canva to create our header images!

Editorial Policies

We have the right to edit your posts for grammatical errors, content, or anything we do not like or find fit for our readers. (Please, do not feel offended if we suggest too many changes.)


We will post your article on our site and try to promote it through our marketing strategies. Make sure you post it on your channels and get it promoted.

Where to Submit?

Send us your article via email at financeshedd@gmail.com

If the article is as per our guidelines and is engaging enough, we will contact you regarding any changes or the update.

After posting the article on our website, we will provide you with the link and acknowledgment through an email. 

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Thank you for taking an interest in working with FinanceShed! We will be waiting for your mail!