where to invest in 2019

Best Moves : Where To Invest In 2019

2018 was a year of fluctuations. There were lots of fluctuations in rates both good and bad so it is obvious that where to invest in 2019 is the million dollar question for all investors. Not to worry, Financeshed has answer. Let’s check out some investment options where to invest in 2019.

  • Stock Market

where to invest in 2019

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Investment in stock market is an evergreen option for investment and in 2019 also you can invest your funds here for short term as well as long term growth. If you are the one who like to have track on the market scenario you must be knowing that market is in correction period. Emotions can ruin your profit so be cautious while investing, take calculated risk and try to invest after building a proper portfolio of multiple stocks. Also if you want to have long term income you should go for investment in infrastructure companies and for short term there is obviously future and options are available.

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  • Real Estate

where to invest in 2019

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Real Estate – the name itself is promising when it comes to investment. If you have a good vision and can estimate about the potential demands that can arise with respect to economic changes, real estate investment is definitely your cup of tea. Depending upon the type of property bought by you long term or short term investment is available. By the word real estate we mean both residential as well as commercial property investment. This is one option where you can earn a great deal of money if correct decision is taken.

  • Peer to Peer Lending

where to invest in 2019

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The other option for investing you money is giving you excess funds on loan. This can be easy as well as less risky compared to investment in stock markets and there are many platforms such as Lending Club and Prosper that helps you loaning your money in hundreds of increments so that you don’t risk your money by loaning it to a single person.

  • Invest in Fixed Maturity Plans

where to invest in 2019

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Debt funds carry risk of interest as if interest rates increase the value of fund decreases. If you do not want to take this risk you can go for Fixed Maturity Plans. FMP invest in debt funds and hold till maturity in order to get better returns. It has benefited from indexation and it is enhanced if the holding period is more than three financial years so try to invest accordingly.

  • Systematic Investment Plan

where to invest in 2019

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SIP can help you to have lesser risk in this time of volatility. Looking at the economic conditions prevailing in the world there can be huge fluctuation in stock prices within a narrow band. If you are not able to build a strong portfolio for you stocks and securities you must not risk your money instead you should go for investment in SIP. According to the statistics, investors have gained more by continuing SIPs through lean market and sticking for longer terms.