What Joint Custody Means

What Joint Custody Means:All You Need To Know About It

Now that being happy is always a priority and not every time marriage turns out to be best no matter whether it is a love marriage or an arrange marriage but if problems are way too much then stepping back and moving on seems to be the best option that you can ever go with and it is true that stepping back and leaving all the memories are very tough but to be happy doing this is very important and the step is divorce.

Divorce itself is a very saddening part of life which should not happen in anyone’s life but sometimes it is the only option remain and the worst part of divorce is the impact on your kid if you have any. Now, most of the time court decides to give joint custody of the child and if you are wondering What Joint Custody Means then it is basically the power of making the decision for the best of the child and the power in case of joint custody is given to both the parent.

What Joint Custody Means

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Now it is not an easy step and it can be quite impactful for both the parent as well as for the kid and like every single action there are positive as well as some negative reactions so even joint custody has some pros as well as cons that you should know and mostly the child goes through it the most and if you are wondering about them then here are some of them listed below which you can check out:

Now there is a major difference between joint custody as well as physical custody that most of the parents get confused about:

Before moving on to pros and cons you need to understand the difference between the physical custody and joint custody and there is a lot of difference and two things are basically completely different as well as a bit of complicated at the same time.

In case of physical custody the kid would be allowed to live with either of the parents and the other parent would be allowed to come and meet the kid only once in a while but if the joint custody has been given then both the parents would be allowed make major decisions about the kid and for making any decision the approval of both the parents needs to be there and for that physical custody is not needed.

Pros of the Joint Custody

What Joint Custody Means

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Parents who are in joint custody often need to communicate with each other so a bond still remains which creates a positive impact on the kid. It is not always that the parents would agree with each other’s decision but still, the communication helps the child a lot and proves to beneficial for the kid.

This is rare but still, there are chances that parents can set the differences apart and reunite for the benefit or good being of their child and if this happens then this is the best thing about the joint custody. The chances are low but it is not actually impossible and many cases have been resolved in this way and relationships got restored as well which seems to be the best thing.

Another benefit of joint custody is that the decision of a single parent would not matter a lot, see a person cannot be right all the time and if either of the parents would make a wrong decision then the other parent would be there to correct of protest so chances are there that the best decision would be taken for the child at the end of the time which is a good thing for sure.

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Cons of the Joint Custody

What Joint Custody Means

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Now that the case of custody came because the two parents cannot stay together and have different mindsets and have started hating each other so there are chances that if one would make a decision then the other would immediately oppose and so the decision making for the betterment of the child can be worse than ever.

The communication of a decision can end up with a fight over and over again and if this thing would happen in front of the kid then the impact would be worse of the kid and can even make the kid depressed and there are even chances that the kid would start hating both the parents for different reasons.

These were everything that you need to know about the joint custody and not matter there are pros or cons but separation would always make the kid sufferer so decide while thinking of your child.