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Your Complete Guide to Target Return Policy

Target is undoubtedly one of our favorite shopping destinations. However, even while shopping from our favorite store, the stuff that we purchase does not come off in reality as we expected it to. This is where the role of Target return policy comes into play. Lately, there has been a lot of confusion regarding Target’s return policy among customers. Read on to get detailed information regarding Target refund policy and Target exchange policy for different departments. 

What Is Target Return Policy

Once you decide to make a return at Target, there are so many questions that pop up in your head. Can I return items without tags? Can I return furniture purchased from Target? What’s the policy for online returns? These and many more such questions are bound to bother you when you wish to return a purchase. To your relief, returning merchandise that you do not wish to keep is one of the easiest things you end up doing. We’ll guide you on how to get done with your exchange or return without sweating over the return policy. 

How Target Return Policy Works

target return policy


Let’s have a look at what exactly is Target’s return policy:

  • For most of the products purchased in store or online, you get a time frame of 90 days to return them. 
  • You can get a full refund on most items that are unopened and you have a receipt for them.
  • When you shop at Target, a few items have a different return policy from can find the details of this return policy on the packing slip, receipt, or on the official website of Target. In case you’re making a big purchase, it makes sense to check the return policy of such items before making a purchase. 

Target Return Policy with Receipt

Under usual circumstances, for most of the purchases that you make at Target, you can return items that are new or unopened for up to a period of 90 days and get a full refund on them. If you are a Target REDcard user, you have the benefit of an additional 30 days in your kitty for most items. If you have purchased an item from a Target Owned Brand, you have the privilege of exchanging the item or getting a refund on it for up to one year. For this, you would require a proof like, packing slip, digital barcode or receipt of your purchase.

Target Return Policy Without Receipt

You do not require a receipt for your Target purchase as Target exchange without receipt is possible. However, Target return without receipt is not possible if you purchased items with cash at Target. You do not need to be disheartened in such a situation. In case of Target return no receipt availability, they have the ability to get the details of your purchase in multiple ways. Thus you would be able to get the receipt for your purchase in a few days. 

If you made a purchase from Target using Target REDcard, Target debit card, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Visa card, Target gift card or a personal check, Target can look up receipts for your purchases. The Target return policy no receipt items is very customer friendly in case you used any of the mentioned methods. Target exchange without receipt using a Target gift card is possible, if you have the physical card with you.

In case you do not possess proof of your purchase with Target while returning an item, the store will give you a Target Merchandise Return Card for all those returns that are eligible and approved. It is important to note that this card can not be used for online purchases and is valid only for store purchases. If your purchase is found eligible for refund, the refund is by itself applied to the mode of payment that you used to make your purchase. It takes around 1-2 days to refund in store returns on the Target REDcards, and may take up to 3 days on third party credits. In case you decide to mail back your return, the Online return Center may take up to 5 more working days to inspect and approve the return process. 

Target Online Order Return Policy

target return policy


The Target online return policy has the same features as a normal return policy and most of the items you purchase online can be returned at any Target store or even return them by mail. 

Target Online Order Return Policy Steps

  • Sign in to your individual customer Target account.
  • Go to ‘Orders’ and zero down the order you wish to return.
  • View your order details from the ‘View Details’ option.
  • To initiate the return process, click on the ‘return an item’ option.
  • You have the option of selecting between ‘return to store’ and ‘return by mail’ options. 
  • If you go for the ‘return to store’ option, you will have to take the item to a Target store and a Target team member will start your return process. 
  • If you go for the ‘return by mail’ option, you need to select the item you wish to return, state the reason for the return, choose between refund or replacement and click submit. You also have the option to print a mailing label. 
  • All you have to do is put the package label on the package and take it to a UPS drop off location. 
  • In case you have lost the receipt of your online purchase, you can get a copy of the receipt from the ‘find your order’ page. 

Target Holiday Return Policy

Target customers enjoy special privileges during the holiday season. Since a lot of purchases made during the holiday season are for the purpose of gifting, for the purchases made between Oct.1 and Dec.25, the Target holiday return policy which is either 90 or 120 days, would begin from Dec.26. This is because there is a possibility that most of the gifts exchanged would have been opened by that time. 

This extended time frame allows you to exchange or return a gift you received in a similar time frame as for a product bought throughout the year from Target. The usual 30 days return policy for electronic goods that have been purchased anywhere between Oct.1 and Dec.26 can also be returned or exchanged starting Dec.26.there are modifications also in the items purchased from the ‘limited time only’ collection or the ‘holiday collections’.

Target Clothing Return Policy

Target clothing return policy is pretty much the same as it is for other merchandise. You have a period of 9 days to exchange or return your item and if you areva Target REDcard user, this time period goes up to 120 days. To be able to exchange or return your purchase, you need to ensure that the item is unwashed, unused, and is in its original condition. 

Target Electronics Return Policy

You get a 30 days time period to exchange or return most of the electronic items that you purchase from Target. However, the time frame for return on electronic Apple products, except for mobile devices, is 15 days. In case you purchased Your Apple product between Oct.1 and Dec.25, your exchange time period begins on Dec.26. 

Target Return Policy Opened Items

It is possible to return most of the opened items purchased from Target. The only requirement for this is that the product should be within the 90 days exchange time frame and should be eligible for a refund or exchange. Even though their return policy is very customer friendly, you need to note that they have the right to refuse a refund on an opened item. This is generally restricted to people who tend to abuse the return policy. 

Target Furniture Return Policy

target return policy


You can easily return the furniture you purchased from Target within 90 days of the purchase. If the furniture piece is large, you can also request the store for a reverse pickup. Your return request would be declined if the furniture is not in its new, sellebe and original condition. 

Target Beauty and Makeup Return Policy

If you have a receipt for the beauty or makeup product that you purchased from Target, you can get a refund or exchange on it even if you have opened the package. This time period extends to 120 days for Target REDcard holders. 

Target Mobile Phone Return Policy

Target lets you make a stress free purchase from the large number of options available when it comes to mobile device brands and wireless services. In case you change your mind and wish to exchange or return your purchase, you can do so within 14 days of making a purchase from Target. If you have opened the product, Target can charge you a fee of up to $35 for restocking of the product. 

Target TV Return Policy

Just like any other electronic item, TVs also have a 30 days exchange or return policy from the date of purchase at Target. 

Target Clearance Items Return Policy

It’s possible to return or exchange clearance items at Target. In case there is a price drop on the clearance items and the price has gone lower than your purchase price, you would not be able to get the difference. 

Target Return Policy After 90 Days

Most of the items you purchase from Target have a 90 days return or exchange policy. However, there are certain goods like electronics, which have a refund or exchange time period of 30 days or mobile phone devices which have a 14 days return policy. For Target REDcard holders, this time period extends for up to 120 days on most products, in place of the usual 90 days. 

Target Return Policy Exclusions

Certain products do not have the usual 90 days exchange time frame on them. These products are as listed below:

  • A used airbed can not be returned but it can be exchanged for a similar item.
  • Collectibles such as porcelain dolls, special edition Barbie dolls, sports cards, action figures as well as die-cast cars are not eligible for return. 
  • Digital downloads and personalized merchandise ain’t eligible for return.
  • Any item that you buy from Target’s Pharmacy, Opticals, Starbucks and Target Tech departments can only be returned or exchanged in these specific store areas. 
  • Gasoline powered items are eligible for return at Target stores only if they are empty and they do not contain any hazardous substance at the time of return. 

Return Policy for Target Owned Brands

target return policy


Items that belong to the Target owned brands have an unbelievable time frame of one year for return or exchange, in case you are not happy with your purchase. You would not have to face any hassle while returning or exchanging your Target owned brand product even after such a long time. 

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Process of Return at Target

There are basically two ways by which you can return your purchase at Target:

  • Return at store: The simplest way of returning an item at Target is by visiting the store. You can return not only your store purchases but also online purchases by this method. All you need to do it, visit the nearest Target store with the receipt of the purchase , visit the Guest Service desk and the Target team will process your return. 
  • Return by mail: In case you wish to return an item by mail, you need to take a printout of the return mailing label which is prepaid. You will find the same in the order details. Stick this label to the outside of the package and drop it at UPS drop off. When Target receives the package, it will process the refund and notify you through an email.

Target Return Policy for Covid-19

Target has provided various facilities to help its customers have a hassle free experience in the time of this pandemic. It encourages social distancing and has increased cleanliness at its stores, eliminated chances of rush at entry and exit points, ensured masks and gloves for all workers and much more. Target has been providing the same in store and online return facilities during the pandemic to its customers as before.

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