Supply Chain Challenges

Supply Chain Challenges to Watch Out for in 2022

The future looks set to change the shape of the working world forever, particularly if hybrid working is here to stay and technology continues advancing exponentially. 

What might this mean for the world of supply chain management? It means that businesses may need to lean more heavily into modern tech to get the job done to the best possible standard. 

The strength of the supply chain is critical to many businesses, but admittedly logistics are often hard to master. 

Here are some potential supply chain challenges to watch out for in 2022 and what to do about them should they arise throughout your own company. 

Increasing Transport Costs

Supply Chain Challenges


This can be a hard one to tackle, as it is, in many ways, completely out of your hands, but increased transport costs could spell misery for the unoptimized supply chain. 

These costs could go up for a number of reasons, such as rising fuel costs, a shortage of drivers, or increasingly high demand for delivery services. 

There are ways around this. For one, you could think about using freight shipping, as generally, you can ship by freight for cheaper costs. In a time where more and more businesses are concerned about their cash flows, you don’t want to be the one business not considering their own. Finding cheaper alternative solutions for different areas of your business is crucial. 

You could also think about using dropshipping, or you could employ your own permanent drivers, which might end up being far more cost-effective in the long run. To determine which option is best for you, it is advisable to take a step back and allow a non-biased opinion to be heard.

Getting advice from an expert can be incredibly important. They will be able to do more than just point out that you need to save as much as possible in order to keep your cash flow steady but don’t have the funds currently to hand. Instead, they will be there to support you as you make a decision and see all the options and the potential outcomes in front of you clearly. 

Shortage of Raw Materials

A global shortage of raw materials has long plagued business everywhere, and if this continues to be the case, it could have some serious ramifications for the future of supply chain management. 

For example, it could lead to increased shipping costs, a loss of custom, and a dip in manufacturing productivity. This is the last thing any business wants. 

You could attempt to avoid this pitfall by changing direction in terms of your raw resources, swapping to an eco-friendlier business model, and cutting down on your wastage. It could work in your favor massively, especially if customers hear about this. More and more customers are choosing to buy from more sustainable businesses, and if the only thing standing between a customer choosing your business and another is sustainability, you don’t want to fall short. 

However, it is important that you realize that just because there is a new year on the horizon does not mean to say that the shortage will magically clear itself up. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, particularly if you consider the increase in buying and selling over the Christmas period. 

Accounting for a continuous shortage and planning accordingly can help your business keep its competitive edge and remain sustainable, so it is certainly worth adopting a forward-thinking approach. 


Supply Chain Challenges


Rising demand for products may seem like the best news possible for businesses who wish to grow their brand, but for supply chain management professionals, it could translate into danger. 

Greater demand means greater strain on the logistical side of the business, whether that be increased manufacturing rates or a rising cost of acquiring and shipping goods, there are plenty of reasons to be wary of growing demand. 

In a world of same-day delivery, instant digital gratification, and free postage, demand will likely begin to increase drastically, thus outweighing capacity, as it did in the U.S. already earlier this year

This issue might be more of a waiting game, and if that’s not sustainable for your business, you could always think about branching it out and offering a new product or service. While you can’t offer these other perks straight away, offering something new and exciting could ensure that you still have a competitive edge. Plus, it could expand your target audience and increase your cash flow, but it will take work to achieve this. It needs to be relevant to your original concept in some ways, and you need to ensure it is marketing well.