Successful Tax Consultants

10 Personality Traits of Successful Tax Consultants

Although hard skills and experience are a big deal in carrying out a task or getting a job done. Nevertheless, a more “bigger deal” that is oftentimes overlooked at the initial stage is the personality of the individual carrying out the job. I bet you wouldn’t want to hire someone with 25 years’ experience that you cannot hold a good conversation with due to their lack of communication skills, or has shady behavior, or misses deadlines. No one will want to work with such an individual. In hiring a Successful Tax Consultants, here are 10 top personality traits you’d want to look out for:

–         Excellent communication skills

–         Time Management

–         Adaptability

–         Attention to details 

–         Organization

–         Problem-solving

–         Trustworthy

–         Possess a good understanding

–         Accountable

–         Realistic

1. Excellent Communication Skills

One of the most important skills of a successful Tax Expert is effective communication. Tax Consultants good at what they do must be able to digest information and explain complex situations in a simple manner. Find a tax preparer requires research and experiments.

They must know how to communicate their thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and conclusions clearly and concisely. They must also be able to listen attentively and patiently to your needs.

Summarily, Successful Tax Consultants must be able to write clearly, listen attentively, and speak persuasively.

2. Time Management

Successful Tax Consultants


During the tax season, Tax Consultants usually have their hands full. One of the essential traits that differentiate an excellent Tax Consultant from an average one is time management.

Successful Tax Consultants know how to manage their time because they understand that more effort and thought will be put into any work that isn’t carried out in a rush.

3. Adaptability

An excellent Tax Consultant must be able to weather the storm regardless of the situation. Their ability to adapt to changes and remain motivated will set them apart from others.

For example, the pandemic changed a whole lot in our world, and working remotely became the new ‘normal’ for many organizations. A leading Tax Consultant wouldn’t only have adapted to the new normal but would have also developed strategies to effectively serve their clients.

4. Attention to Detail

Successful Tax Consultants


Tax preparation is a profession that deals a whole lot with numbers. Therefore, a vital trait common to leading Tax Consultants is the ability to have an eye for details- they must be accurate with the digits and calculations. This trait is an absolute “must-have” for any Tax Consultant who is job-worthy.

5. Organization

Successful Tax Consultants are highly organized individuals. The preparation of a tax return deals with a lot of paperwork and arranging these papers can be tedious and time-consuming. A Tax Consultant who is good at what they do understands that organizing these papers makes the job easier, therefore he makes it a priority to have everything organized.

6. Problem-Solving

Successful Tax Consultants are also one who has a knack for solving problems. Tax-related jobs often involve solving a lot of problems for clients and there may be times they are expected to give solutions to problems on the go.

7. Trustworthy

Successful Tax Consultants


Trust, I would say, is the most important trait here because it reflects every other trait that’s been highlighted. Leading Tax Consultants must be trustworthy to deliver before the deadline, they must be trustful to do a good job, and so on. More so, they must be trustworthy because they will be dealing a lot with people’s financial and confidential information.

8. Possess Good Understanding

Successful Tax Consultants have a lot of expertise with the tax code. The tax code isn’t something anyone can pick up and understand in no time. It is very complicating and keeps changing from time to time. An important factor that sets leading Tax Consultants apart is that they know their sauce and understand how to put their clients through the complications in a simple manner.

They also cover the technical requirements, ensuring that your returns have lower risks of getting fined, audited, or worse.

9. Accountable

It will be unrealistic to state that a successful Tax Consultant has never made a mistake or doesn’t make mistake. Every human is subject to erring but what sets a leading Tax Consultant apart is that they acknowledge their error and make amends as soon as possible. They also ensure that a mistake doesn’t repeat itself.

10. Realistic

Leading Tax Consultants are realistic and assertive. They do not sugarcoat facts and also they give clients a realistic timeline for completing tasks, even though that timeline is the opposite of what the client wants to hear. They also aren’t timid to stand on what they believe is right and will be of tax benefit for their client in the long run, even if their client wants them to do otherwise.

In conclusion, as an American, your tax is a very vital part of you, therefore, employing someone capable of helping you with it should be non-negotiable. Hence one must have a proper idea of what is enrolled agent is and what does an enrolled agent do.

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