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Single vs Duplicate Checks: Know the Difference Between Both

We all write checks in our daily lives and do a lot many transactions. It has become a part of our life and it gives a simple, easy, and quick way to transfer money from one account to the other. 

Though people use checks very frequently, some of them won’t be knowing the difference between a single vs duplicate checks.

If you also don’t know how a single check and duplicate check are different then you have reached the right place as we will be letting you know about the same. 

So, let’s not waste time and quickly check what these checks are and which ones should be used, and when.

Single vs Duplicate Checks

What are Single Checks? 

duplicate vs single check

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A single check is a check that we normally use for doing payments. We write the amount, name of the recipient, and do our signature and give it to the recipient and he/she will submit it to the bank and the money will be transferred from our account to his/her account. That’s what the procedure is, right? 

This is a very simple and easy way to do the payments. But there is no proof over here that we have given the check to the respective person so, in the case of any dispute, we can’t show that we have given the check. 

To solve this problem, duplicate checks were made. 

What are Duplicate Checks?

duplicate vs single check

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Now, in a duplicate check, there is a carbon copy underneath the main check. So, when you write the details on the main check, those same details will be copied to the duplicate check with the help of carbon paper. 

The duplicate check will be used only for storing purposes. It will be helpful if any dispute occurs and it can also be used for financial and accounting work to match the balance sheet. 

Single vs Duplicate Checks: Know The Differences

Single vs duplicate check is a usual confusion among people and they want to know the differences between both. Basically, the end purpose of both is the same, the difference is there in the usage of both. 

One of the significant differences between both is that duplicate checkbook are bulky as they contain double checks whereas single checkbooks are not that bulky and are light in weight. Single checkbooks are more convenient to carry from here and there. 

If we talk about the safety of the transactions, then doing a transaction using a duplicate check is considered safer than a single check. It is obvious as duplicate checks provide you with the option to have a copy of the check for record purposes so it will be considered safer than the single check. 

This copy is much helpful if you need to provide any proof in a court of law so if you are dealing with transactions of a large amount and are too risky then you should start using a duplicate checkbook. 

Single checkbooks don’t have carbon papers while duplicate checkbooks have them. A single checkbook costs less while a duplicate checkbook cost more. 

Another difference is in the way you write the checks. Writing a single check is simple and there is no need to exert any force while writing it whereas writing a duplicate check involves exerting force so that the details mentioned on the main check can be copied to the duplicate check via the carbon paper. 

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When Should One Use Them?

A single checkbook can be used for smaller and less expensive transactions where there are fewer chances of any risk involved. 

A duplicate checkbook is used for security purposes so if you are dealing with transactions of a much larger amount involving many risks then you should definitely consider going for this option. 

A duplicate checkbook is always good as you have a copy of the check that you submitted to the receiver so no matter how big the transaction is, you should prefer writing a duplicate check. Though it will cost you more it will be much safer and you will have peace of mind after doing transactions of a big amount. 

So, here was an overview of single vs duplicate checks. Hope you got a clear understanding between both and now you can share this knowledgeable information with your connections as well.

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