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Shopping Cart Trick 2022 You Should Know

The credit score portrays the creditworthiness of an individual. It will be a distressing situation for you if it comes down due to the prolonged inability to clear your credit card bills. Do not surprise if it gets lower faster than you may think and becomes an unfavorable credit score where you have to wind up your credit cards. We will help you with the shopping cart trick in 2022 for all your credit card queries.

There are many reasons that result in unfavorable credit scores such as filing for bankruptcy, a negative credit score. You should know that too many credit inquiries or nil credit history will also decrease your chances to obtain credit in need. 

So, does it mean that you can not apply for credit cards due to such frustrating ineligibility? No, the answer is not the ‘absolute no’. Shopping cart trick for credit cards may help you to be qualified for new credit cards. Let us discuss what’s the mechanism of it, how to use it, and how it helps to fix an existing credit score.

Shopping Cart Trick For 2022

The shopping cart trick is used to get credit cards without a hard pull. Basically, it is related to retail store credit cards. Thanks to the shopping cart trick, you can get credit cards even if you have bad credit standing. It is also known as the ‘soft pull trick’ because when you apply for a store credit card, your credit history won’t be analyzed fully.

It will be checked in a few steps with the store application and there will be no hard pull on your credit score.  Thus, it is one of the best methods to establish your credit profile and obtain a credit card when your credit scores are low and you do not want a hard pull.

Hard Pull vs Soft Pull

As you know, an unfavorable credit score is the result of several factors that affect your credit report. One of these factors is credit pulls and not in your control. It is the inquiry done by a credit card company in the form of either a hard pull or soft pull to check your creditworthiness. 

  • ‘Soft pull’ is the inquiry to review your credit report as a background check only and there is no in-depth inquiry.  
  • It does not affect your credit score adversely as it is not an in-depth check. 
  • It is like an applicant checking his own credit report for payment history, lines of credit, etc. 
  • These soft pulls can be used by companies without your permission and on its basis, you are offered pre-approved retail store credit cards. So, there is no effect of soft pulls on your credit score.

On the other hand, when one applies for a line of credit, his application will go through a hard pull. 

  • Hard pulls may affect your credit report negatively, in the short term at least, as these hard credit inquiries will be added to your credit reports when a company checks your credit. 
  • Usually, a hard pull can stay on your credit report for two years. You would see significant damage to your credit score with too many hard pulls within a short period. 
  • Therefore, do not apply for too many credit cards in the hope of approval for at least one. Too many hard inquiries within a short period of time is a cause of concern for lenders. This implies multiple new accounts are going to be added, you are prone to overspending, and are currently struggling to pay your bills. Thus, your credit score will get adversely affected in the short run.

You have seen how the trick will work in favor of an individual having a bad credit report. Now, you can conclude with its various benefits.

Benefits of Shopping Cart Trick

shopping cart trick 2021


The benefits are as follows:

  • First of all, it helps to attain the much-needed credit you want. 
  • Put off your credit score from going from bad to worse and give a chance to add good standing to your credit report. 
  • In case you don’t have any credit history, you can start using store credit cards and build up your credit profile. 
  • Earlier, the only way to rebuild your credit standing was to apply for secured credit cards. You could acquire these cards only by incurring exorbitant costs in the form of monthly or annual charges. But, store credit cards are obtained at zero cost with no additional charges attached to them. Thus, shopping cart tricks are cost-efficient.
  • Don’t forget about the deals and offers you will get from retail stores like deals of sales, gift certificates, exclusive coupons, free merchandise and sometimes it is a certain percentage for a discount on your purchases.
  • Even Though a shopping cart trick may not always work as promised, triggering a pop-up while checking out of the online retailer’s website, requesting you to go through a pre-approval process for a store card is advantageous. Knowing your eligibility for a store card beforehand prevents you from applying for the same and getting declined, which will negatively impact your credit score.

So, congrats! in addition to the perks, you are on the way to making a good credit standing. Make sure you pay your monthly bills on time to get a higher chance of adding a new credit card to your wallet. Let’s discuss further how retail store cards impact your credit.

The Credit Impact

  • First of all, do not apply for a store card if you think you won’t be able to clear your monthly bills. Do not forget the purpose of opting for it – improving your credit over time and preventing further credit damage. 
  • You should maintain your store cards for a long period. The older it is, the better your credit score in your credit history. You can expect at least a 15% betterment with longevity.
  • To lower your credit utilization ratio, pay off your monthly bills in FULL on time. The credit utilization ratio is the ratio of credit card balance to credit card limit. You should know that 35% of your credit report is related to your payment history. 
  • Usually, retail store cards have a low credit limit, mostly in the range of $100-$500. So, if your credit utilization ratio is already high, say 30% then on a $100 store card, the maximum amount you can spend is $30. So be aware of your credit and spending limits, to keep your credit utilization ratio low.

Hence, it is up to you to help or hinder your credit score. Don’t forget the previous root causes of your bad credit i.e overspending and debts. You have the opportunity to fix your credit report that has been chewed by pull inquiries.

How Shopping Cart Trick 2022 for Credit Cards Works

shopping cart trick 2021


Keep in mind that it is a hit and trial and you need to take care of many things to increase your chances to get a credit card. 

No to Pop-Up Blockers:

Do not activate any adblocker or pop-up blocker on your internet browser to use the shopping cart trick. The trick will work only when you receive a credit card offer. Usually, it pops up at the time you check out at the website of the retail store. With any type of activated pop-up blocker, you won’t be able to receive credit card offers. 

Clear Browser History

Clear your browser history, cache, and cookies as well. Do this before, visiting the retail store’s website that you are looking for getting a credit card. Clear browser history is necessary to ensure that the shopping cart trick is not interrupted.

Window Shopping Using Your Cart

Visit your favorite store’s website and add a few products to your cart although you are going to buy them. It is just for window shopping. Make sure, you do not pick a single item of huge value. Instead, add a few to several small items to make it a considerable billed cart and head towards the checkout. 

Ensure that you have filled in the exact same address listed in your credit reports. Do not use autofill details. Now you need to wait for an offer to pop up while you’re filling out payment details. Remember you are not going to purchase items so no not need to click on the purchase or submit. Just wait for the credit card offer.

If you do not receive the credit card offer. Don’t worry! You need to make changes to your shopping cart. Add new items to your cart with new values. Maybe you need to try this a few times to achieve success.

Try this as many websites you want but do not accept all offers. Once you opt-out a pre-approved credit card offer, you will stop getting emails and SMS for offers. All such offers are fundamental for the success of the shopping cart trick.

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Offers to Choose From

Here is the role of your social security number (SSN) only. 

  • You need to accept only those offers that do not ask for your full nine digits’ SSN. The SSN means a hard inquiry is waiting for you. A soft credit inquiry is the thumb rule to take advantage of this trick. 
  • If the offer is accessible with the last four digits of your SSN, go ahead with it as it is the call for soft inquiry only. 
  • You should opt for the cards of stores from which you have been making purchases regularly. This way you will use the card for making routine purchases and pay the bill in full every month. Over time you will have a positive payment history, without making any extra purchase.

It is a plus point for you that after approval of the credit card, you do not need to purchase your cart items. Just cancel out the purchase. 

Shopping Cart Trick: What You Can Do to Be Disciplined

shopping cart trick 2021


  • Be strategic in purchases from the beginning. 
  • Start with a single-store credit card. With multiple accounts, your average age of credit cards will decrease.
  • Monitor your card selection, purchases, and payment behavior closely. If you find it irrational, quickly close that account.

Do not overuse your store card. You need to stay disciplined and control your spending behavior. Only this way you can get benefit from the shopping cart trick.

The Bottom Line

Your shopping card discipline is going to impact your credit history. So be financially disciplined with a little bit of determination and you can make things happen easily. 

Hope you have a better understanding of how the shopping cart trick favors you and whats its impact on your credit score. Follow the criteria explained here and ensure an ultimate hit.

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