Real Estate Investment Mistakes to Avoid

Top 7 Real Estate Investment Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to stable income, many ventures pale compared to the stability of owning rental property.

It’s one of the reasons experts consider real estate a good investment in 2022.  Are you a newbie looking to buy your first house or a seasoned investor that wants to expand? This article reveals the top 7 real estate investment mistakes to avoid. 

Top 7 Real Estate Investment Mistakes

Investing Without a Strategy 

Real Estate Investment Mistakes to Avoid


One of the worst mistakes you can make in real estate is investing without a strategy. If you want to maximize your investment potential, you need to head in with a plan.

Too many landlords try to operate on the fly without prior planning, and they spend more than they should. For example, it wouldn’t be wise to embark on a large-scale renovation without getting an estimated budget and securing financing. 

Failing to Do Your Research

Real Estate Investment Mistakes to Avoid


Another mistake investors make failing to do proper research. A thorough market analysis can reveal a lot of helpful market trends. For instance, while SFUs are in high demand in most parts of the country, there are a few exceptions. If you were to invest in that property type where single-family units aren’t attractive, you would be on the losing end. Thus, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research of the local market. 

Expecting Quick Results

Real Estate Investment Mistakes to Avoid


For the most part, real estate is a long-term game. However, some investors expect to start turning a profit within a month of putting up their cash.

Consequently, their impatience can lead them to make many short-sighted decisions that backfire in the long run. Even people that invest in flipping houses will usually need three to four months to complete renovations and sales. 

Spending Too Much Money Too Soon

Real Estate Investment Mistakes to Avoid


Although real estate is a capital-intensive investment, there’s no reason for you to throw all your money in at once. For instance, you can opt for a home loan instead of paying cash upfront for property and use the money for high ROI upgrades. Also, the most expensive option in real estate isn’t always the most profitable.

You could purchase two properties in an up-and-coming neighborhood for the price of one in an established area. 

Forgetting to Plan for Miscellaneous Expenses 

Real Estate Investment Mistakes to Avoid


Owning rental properties comes with many expenses, and if you don’t prepare well enough, they can blindside you. Experts usually recommend that property owners use the 1% formula to budget for rental maintenance and repairs.

In other words, if your property is worth $300,000, you should set aside an average of $3000 yearly for basic needs. Of course, that value isn’t exact and can vary depending on location and features. 

Overlooking Tenant’s Needs 

Real Estate Investment Mistakes to Avoid


Landlords often forget that they aren’t the ones living on their rental property and make decisions based on what they like. While that can work out, there’s a high tendency to miss what your tenants need. For instance, if you own a furnished apartment, it would be better to keep the decorations neutral.

Too many bold colors, prints, or fixtures can be off-putting to prospective renters, no matter how pleasant they are to you. Hence, it would help if you habitually put yourselves in your tenants’ shoes. Ask yourself questions like where you would like to live? What amenities would attract you, and how would you want your landlord to behave towards you? 

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Securing Poor Financing

Real Estate Investment Mistakes to Avoid


Most investors secure their property by loaning a bank or private lender. However, if you’re not careful, you could wind up with lousy financing that makes your house more expensive. Zero-interest mortgages are a great example of this scenario.

Lenders often lure desperate borrowers with the promise of no interest but pad their fees excessively. Hence, it would help to consider your financing options before making a choice carefully. 

Importance of Rental Market Research Beforehand

Knowing Where to Invest 

Regarding real estate, location is a vital component of success. Without knowledge of where to invest, you could be walking into a money pit with high vacancy rates and lower profits. 

Keeping Up with Rental Trends

Although real estate is a stable investment, trends come and go quite frequently. A good picture of the current economic trends can set you up for success. 

When Should You Hire a Professional

When You’re a Long-Distance Landlord 

Managing a rental property requires on-site work, which is always a challenge for long-distance landlords. Thankfully, when hiring a professional, they can stand in for you as needed. 

When You’re Busy

Whether you own multiple properties or don’t have the time for hands-on management, you can always rely on an expert to take charge of your investment while you’re away. 


That’s it for the top 7 real estate investment mistakes to avoid. Building a successful rental business requires much knowledge and even more work. Thus, it would be best to put these tips to practice. Plan for expenses, develop a strategy and secure the right financing. 

Additionally, it would help if you didn’t underestimate the value of thorough research. If you need help, contact a reliable property management company.