A Detailed Look at the Pros and Cons of Communist Government

Communism is a form of government in which all the properties are publicly owned. It aims to replace private property with public ownership. It was originally proposed by Karl Max and Friedrich Engels and the goal is to equalize the society so that every person earns money based on their abilities and needs.

Also, there will be communal control over the major means of production such as factories, mines, and mills which will assure that everyone is employed and gets proper work for their living. 

This theory will remove the distinctions between intellectual and manual labor. It will also remove the gap between urban and rural life and this is the primary benefit or outcome of Communism. There is a big debate going on for years to figure out “Is communism bad or good for the nation?” 

Everyone can have their views of this ideology and figure out whether it should be applied in their respective nation or not based on its pros and cons. Today, we have brought this post to make you know what are the pros and cons of communism and looking at them you will have a clear picture of this ideology, its advantages, and disadvantages. 

Let us check out them. 

communist government


Pros of Communism

There will be No Class Systems

The best part of this ideology is that everyone will be equal here. No one will belong to the royal class and no one will be poor here. Everyone will have equal access to food, health, and education. Every property will be public, excluding personal belongings and the resources will be governed by a group of individuals representing the entire mass.

The purpose of communism will be to make sure that everyone is living peacefully. They will have no fear of the rulers. 

Unemployment rates will decrease

Unemployment rates will decrease as all members of society will work together and make sure that everyone has worked so that he/she can earn money. When there is proper employment, there will be lesser crimes for sure as everyone will be having peace of mind. This is really good for society. 

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Everyone will get the Basic Necessities

There will be proper allocation of resources and even the poorest people will get food to eat. They will get all the basic necessities required to sustain. Also, they will be provided with proper education and healthcare too. 

As there will be proper employment in Communist countries, every person will be on his/her feet and able to take care of themselves. There will be no hire and fire system which prevails in other countries so no worries of losing the job. 

It paves the way for a strong and safe country

Everything will be equal here and it will lead to a strong and safe nation. There will be fewer crimes, strong government control on rules and regulations, no foreign intervention leading to the economic growth of the country.



After checking the pros, now let us have a look at the cons.

Cons of Communism 

One has to Forget His Ambitions

In a communist form of government, there will be equality for everyone so one can’t expect to go out and do something extraordinary. There will be little room for someone to fulfill their ambitions. Everyone will be living a simple and steady living which is contrasting for someone who wants to have big wishes in his life. Personal growth is not something that this ideology supports that much so it is a big drawback. 

It can fuel poverty

There won’t much emphasis on competition and growth in the communist government. People here won’t be competing with each other and where there is no competition, there is no room left for growth. Every industry will be lacking technological advancements and the country will eventually fall behind the other countries which are non-communist. This will bring unemployment and eventually poverty in the nation. 

Voice of the people will be constrained

Communism can lead to dictatorship and eventually the freedom of people will be blocked. Rulers will intervene in every state matter and people will need to follow any rule whether good or bad for them imposed by the government. There will be no free media and it will be controlled by the government which will depress people’s voice and thoughts.

The system will get Corrupt

There is a big possibility that the rulers become selfish and start thinking of themselves only. Instead of thinking for the people, they can start thinking of their own and fulfill their lavish dreams. Corruption will start as relatives and friends of the rulers will gain monetary benefits from the system and it will be really bad for the nation. 

So, here was an overview of communism’s pros and cons. I hope you now have a clear idea about this ideology and what advantages and disadvantages it can provide when it is applied in the nation. Read more on financeshed