left hand itching meaning

Left Hand Itching Meaning: Will This Bring Wealth

The majority of people grow up with a bunch of superstitions around them. “An Itching Palm” is an idiom that represents someone asking for a bribe or a tip. The general myth in the society says, left hand itching meaning the money will flow out. 

As per the myth, itchy palms give signals related to money. An itching on the right palm means that the money will flow in. On the other hand, an itchy left palm means the money will flow out of the hands. The inflow and outflow of money depends on whether it is the right hand or the left one. 

Left Hand Itching Meaning

left hand itching meaning

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It is said that to take care of an itchy left hand , you should rub it against a piece of wood. Another superstition famously called “Touchwood”, plays a role in this. Left-hand itching means the money will flow out and therefore, to stop it one should rub it with palm/wood. Moreover, in countries like India, the same superstitions have different rules for men and women. For females, itching on the left palm is considered a good omen.

As per the popular belief, money will flow in with left hand itching. It is so because left-hand itching means the luck will not be in their favor. As per palmistry, it is advised not to perform any online transaction or gamble while having an itchy left hand. Chances of getting conned are high during such times. 

One of the most widely used methods to prevent the bad omen of left palm itching is to rub it against the wood. If not, one can also rub the left palm against an egg, metal, silver, and wash hands with alcohol. 

Should I Worry When My Right Hand Itches?

left hand itching meaning

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According to palmistry, right-hand itching is a good omen. Palmistry considers itching on the right hand as a positive sign. Right-hand itching predicts the money inflow from an unexpected source. Lost money will find its way back to you or you will find a new way to recover old losses when your right hand itches. 

The majority of times, even the asset liquidation commences when itching happens on the right hand. If a person has been waiting to sell a property for a very long time, then chances of getting attractive deals are said to be enhanced when his right hand itches. This might very well be an unexpected gain. 

The Story

left hand itching meaning

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Curious about how this superstition started? A woman named Mary Shammas has narrated her story on the same. Let’s see what she says on itchy palms. 

Mary was on a bus, heading back home from a doctor’s appointment when her hand started itching. Shammas tried to scratch it off but it didn’t help. According to her grandmother, these superstitions worked. Shammas then got off the bus and she made a beeline for the “Lucky Lotto” store on “Third Avenue” where she lived. The tickets she had in her purse were her lucky numbers related to her family members. With this money, she returned home with lottery tickets. At night, while watching the lottery winners being announced, she realized she had become a multimillionaire. She had won $64 million from the lottery.

What Happens When the Palms of Both Hands Itch?

left hand itching meaning

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The left and right hands signify Dualism. Dualism includes heart and mind, positivity and activity. With this concept of Dualism, when both hands are itchy it means life is in a set direction and is going smoothly. Both activities of receiving and offering money involve the same amount. It signifies people have a balance between both positive and negative energy. 

What Should You Do When Your Hands Are Itching?

Here are some steps a person can follow when his hands are itching. One who believes in itching superstition, can give these points a shot and wait for a miracle to happen. 

  • If there is itchiness on the lucky hand, a person can buy a lottery ticket. 
  • Now once this is done, according to another superstition the person should not scratch the ticket with the same hand. 
  • The ticket needs to be scratched either by a piece of wood or the other hand. Buying financial instruments or a lottery ticket is one of the best options to try such superstitions. 

Medical Conditions

left hand itching meaning

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The medical term for itching on the skin is called Pruritus. Pruritus causes dryness on the skin, due to which, a sensation of irritation is created on the skin. With age, the skin becomes drier and thus, Pruritus is common among adults. Dry skin is one of the major reasons behind  itchiness. 

Let us understand what are the medical conditions associated with itchy palms. Common medical diseases that are associated with itchy palms are allergy, diabetes (high blood sugar), reaction to medicines, cirrhosis, and nerve disorders. Sometimes, common chemicals added in cosmetic products such as deodorants, soaps, disinfectants, and dust can cause itching on the palms. 

The real left-hand itching meaning is on another tangent as compared to the superstition people generally believe in.

Left hand itching superstition leading to money flow is one of the most commonly believed superstitions. There have been many instances where people feel left-hand itching meaning an inflow of money, and the money will flow out if the right hand itches. 

Common Diseases That Cause Itching

Multiple reasons can cause itching. If the itching becomes uncontrolled, you need to find medical solutions for these. 

  • When the skin is damaged for some reason. 
  • When the skin is excessively dry. 
  • When the person is allergic to something. 
  • When they have Eczema. 

Home Based Remedies to Cure Itching

One should not worry about itching if it’s not frequent. People who frequently itch should consult a doctor and take proper medications. If the itching is not frequent, one can simply wash hands with water or alcohol to do away with the allergy. 

On the other hand, if the cause of itching is dryness of the hand, it can be treated with any good body lotion or a moisturizer. One should avoid using soap and liquid hand wash for a few days. They will increase the dryness of the hand. 

Lastly, itching should not be scratched with a bare hand. It damages the skin. The best way to itch a hand is with a piece of wood. One can simply take a piece of maple/wood and get rid of the itching. One should remember that this alternative should only be used in case of an emergency. 

Why Do Humans Believe in Such Superstitions?

On one hand, humans believe in science and rationality, and are searching for life on different planets. On the other hand, they are worried about “cats crossing the road” and “left hand itching”. The majority of people have a tendency of believing in things they hear first from their closed ones. Without fact checking or asking for scientific proof of it. However, it’s impossible to stop humans from believing in speculations. Below are some money related superstitions followed around the globe. 

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Other Money Related Superstitions

left hand itching meaning

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Itching is not the only superstition that is related to money. Different countries have various other superstitions. For instance, in Chinese culture keeping the wallet or the purse on the floor is a bad omen. This superstition is based on a proverb which states “A purse on the floor is money out the door.” This means a purse on the floor will lead to a person losing money by various means. In the culture, it is considered as a disrespect to wealth and thus, it wouldn’t stay for long. It is also considered bad manners. 


The consequences of an itchy left palm have been explained in detail above. Any kind of superstition is a personal choice. There is no scientific evidence to prove the worthiness of a superstition. It is a common belief among the majority of people and therefore, it is impossible to remove it from the system. If your itchy palms become unbearable, make sure to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

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