illegal immigration pros and cons

What is Illegal Immigration & What are its Pros and Cons? 

The issue of illegal immigration continues to be a problem in the growth of the US economy; it is estimated that around 11 million immigrants are staying in the US illegally! Immigration is always a topic of debate as some consider it as in favor of the country while some believe that they put the growth of the economy on hold. 

Share Of U.S. Population By Immigration Status

 illegal immigration pros and cons

In 2017 in the USA there were around 44.5 million immigrants, which contributes 13.7% of the total population. The undocumented immigrant’s numbers get tripled since 1990. 

What is illegal immigration?

Illegal immigration is defined as the migration of people from one country to another without having the legal right to stay in that country. By living in that country, they violate the immigration law of the land. Some countries believe that people are not illegal, but the way they have opted is illegal, and thus they use terms such as unauthorized immigrants or undocumented immigrants. 

What are the reasons for Illegal Immigration?

Before moving to the pros and cons section, let’s understand the reasons for the illegal migration, or you can say what makes them move from their own country to a foreign country. Have a look at the following possible reasons for illegal immigration:


One of the main reasons for illegal immigration is poverty. The poor class in a developing country might not be able to get the required resources, and this reason can motivate them to travel to a foreign country and earn bread and butter. Other reasons like change in policy, economic crises, natural disasters, overpopulation, and other immediate crises boost people to move to another country.  


Overpopulation can be a severe reason for a developing country as people do not get a sufficient amount of resources and employment to meet the standard of living. This factor forced them to shift to another country in search of employment and other resources, if not legally, then illegally.   

Wars and Asylum

To escape from the civil war, people fly to another country, most likely via an illegal route. Even if the asylum seeker does not get approval for legal status, then there is less probability of leaving the country are less and staying as an illegal immigrant gets higher. 

Deprivation of Citizenship

You can understand this reason by taking the 2012 example of 750,000 Rohingya, who were denied their civil rights in Myanmar, and they were driven out of state education, freedom of movement, and civil services job like right. This situation forced them to vacant the land and moved to another country. 

Family Reunification

Some people seek the desire to live with the loved one being it a spouse or any other family member or friend. So, they apply for the visa, but these visas are very less in number and limited to a short time duration. This may provoke them to bring dear one through illegal ways to reunify with them, and this situation dramatically increased in the US, especially when people have one or more family members already here.    

 illegal immigration pros and cons


What are the Pros and Cons of Illegal immigration?

There is always an immigration debate if it is right or wrong. Let’s delve into immigration pros and cons and then decide whether it’s against humanity or not. So are you ready for it? 

Great….so let’s get started.

Pros of Illegal Immigration

Create a Global Market

Immigrants contribute to creating a strong global market through remittances. It plays a vital role in the GDP of the nation. For example, more than 40% of the GDP of Guatemala comes through payment provided by the immigrants. The country can open a new path of education and skill development for immigrants as it will boost the country’s growth as well as helps to improves the status of immigrants also. 

Contribute to Diversity and Rich Cultures

Immigrants come to a new land with the hope for a better life, and with them, they bring new ideas, experiences, and perspectives. With these added features, an economy can grow strongly and beautifully. If they start the new business, then they will be improving the standards of life of local communities by providing employment, increasing local productions, and adding several benefits to the nation. 

Pay Taxes

Immigrants who have managed to get a job in hotels, restaurants, and other areas pay revenue to the agency. One way or another, they will contribute to the economy, wondering how? They open an account in the bank, buy things to meet the basic necessities of life, and thus this way, they will be paying taxes to the government one way or another. 

Willing to Take all Types of Jobs

To meet the necessities of life, these immigrants are ready to take any kind of job which most Americans are not willing to take. With this, even the smallest of the small job will be done efficiently. They can help you with tasks like doing household work, taking care of senior citizens, cleaning and feeding pets, gardening and lots of many tasks which Americans think are too small. 

 illegal immigration pros and cons


Cons of illegal immigration

A Threat of Crime and Terrorism

Critics of illegal immigration believed that illegal immigration leads to more crime and threats to the country. Although not all immigrants are terrorists and criminals, there are some cases of drug trafficking and other illegal activities that frighten them even more. 

Leads to Fewer Job Opportunities

Many Americans prefer to hire the services of illegal aliens (some people refer to them as illegal aliens) as they are available at a cheap rate and are ready to work for the long hours with the minimum cost. This situation leads to fewer job opportunities for legal residents who deserve better pay and regular working hours.   

Violates Law

Those who are not happy with illegal immigration often complain that these people break the law and thus disturb the law of the land. They believe them if they stay in the country, then there will be more violations of the law, and because of this, they shouldn’t be allowed to stay. 

Adds Population

Mostly wealthiest and developed countries are the choice for immigration to settle down. But if they traveled and settled to such countries, then there will be an issue of over-population which will lead to difficulty in providing a sufficient amount of resources. This way the legal resident will be deprived of the resources and thus leads to an imbalance in the society and growth of the economy. 

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Increase the Chances of Disease Transmission

Many diseases have been transferred to a new region because of immigration. Many countries have experienced life-threatening diseases carried by the immigration population. This is harmful to the locals as the health condition of the country. The screening process limits the impact and somehow affects the country from life-threatening problems.     

Create Stress on Health and Educational Resources

Immigrants come to a country to start a new and better life. To provide a better life, the communities come forward and provide better education and health facilities. But there is no guarantee that these immigrants will stay and return to communities for the initial investment done by them in providing health and education resources. 

Create Integration Problems

Everyone cannot embrace diversity as sometimes it can cause friction. It is challenging to bring a new culture or ethnicity to established communities. People are often fearful of these new members and that can leads to negativity in personal interactions, tighten security monitoring and sometimes people make false complaints against them to prevent any trouble in the future.


Some say illegal immigration is boon for the economy, while some considered them parasites for the nation. However, the government of the USA has implemented strong policies and laws for immigrants. On comparing illegal immigration pros and cons, cons have outnumbered the pros. This will remain a debatable issue, but you make sure to keep reading FinanceShed for such amazing subjects and finance, of course.