how to void a check

How To Void A Check? Checkout Easy and Quick Ways To Void A Check

A check is a legal contract to pay the amount indicated in numeric as well as written value, and the accountholder’s signature gives the authorization to proceed with the payment. Are looking for the answer, how to void a check? If the check is mishandled, then it can lead to substantial financial loss.

There are many instances where you can be asked to provide bank detail or a blank check. To avoid any misuse of the check, provide them a VOID check. The word void indicates that the bank should not entertain this check for the payment process. The literal meaning of the void is null, which means it is not capable of using for the payment process.

So, in the forthcoming reading, you will be equipped with the knowledge of void checks and how to void a checkYou can also check these Money management tips to brighten your future.

So, before getting into the process of how to void a check, first of all, let’s understand what is void check and if it is legal or not?

What is a Voided Check?

A void check is just like your normal check, but the critical difference between a check and voided check is that in a void check, the word VOID is written on it, which makes it incapable of accepting by the bank.  

Where Can Void Check be Used?

You may be asked by your employer or any other place to provide a void check so that they can verify the financial details like bank account number, branch code, and other details. The void check is often asked to provide bank account details to someone for a legitimate purpose.

Instead of copying account details on a piece of paper, the following people can ask for a void check as jotting down details may subject to error. Have a look where voided check can  need:

  • An employer can ask to deposit salary directly into your bank account
  • A Government agency can ask to deposit several monetary benefits into your account
  • An employer can ask to deposit expenses reimbursement
  • In the case of student loan or mortgage
  • In case to pay regular utility bills and credit card payment

 how to void a check


How to Void a Check?

We have divided how to void a check into two parts i.e., voiding a check when it is in your possession and canceling a check when it is not in your possession. 

Voiding a Check When it is in Your Possession

In case you are still in possession of the check and wish to void it, then all you need to do is write the word “VOID.” You can write void at the following place:

  • Write void in place of the payee name, and in case you have already written the name, then you can overwrite it. 
  • In the payment amount box and again if it fills overwrite void on it.
  • Even if you wish, you can put the void word in place of a signature, which is available at the bottom right-hand corner.

How to Void a Check: Important Things to Consider

While writing void, make sure to use a pen as the word written with a pencil can erase, which may lead to misuse of the check. While doing this, it is very important to keep the record of the check number so that in case of any error and confusion, you can show your record and save yourself from financial loss. Make sure to write the reason on each check so that later on you can match it with the official bank statements or records.

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Canceling the Check When it is not in Your Possession

Check Online

If your account has access to the online banking services, then you can fill the form to void the check. But, in this case, the details like check number and other details to proceed further are the prime requirement. If this option is not viable, don’t be dishearten, move to the next option by reading further about other options.

Check Printer

If you are printing your own check instead of buying it from the bank, then you can try this method to void the check. Start the process of ordering the check, and choose to preview your order, customize the check image. With this customize option, you can put the write word void on it, and your void check is ready.

Visit Branch

In case you don’t have access to the above option, then visiting the bank branch is another viable option. You can ask your branch to “stop the payment” by giving the account details with the reason to cancel the check

Bank can only entertain this facility when the check does not cash and they can charge for it. You can even call the branch office and ask for the same, but make sure to have all the required details while calling them.  

 how to void a check


What are the Alternates of Void Check?

Many times void check is the best way to provide bank details for autopay or direct deposits. With the following alternative ways, you can provide the financial details:

  • A deposit slip with the pre-printed banking information makes it easy to share financial details with the opposite party.
  • A void counter check is another best way, you can request a teller at the bank to provide counter checks
  • A deposit slip or the photocopy of the check can also be an alternative way


Always keep in mind to keep a scanned copy, photocopy, or check number in your account to avoid any financial trouble in your account. In a case where the original copy of the void check does not require, you can use the same copy multiple times to save your copies. We hope that by now, you understand how to void a check and where it can be used? 

Let’s Have a Quick Look at Some of the Common Questions and Answers About How to Void a Void Check:

Do I Need to Sign a Void Check?

No, a void check does not need a signature, nor any of the given fields need to be filled.

What are the Alternatives to a Voided Check?

  • Void counter check
  • Deposit slip
  • Photocopy of check
  • Direct deposit authorization

Can Someone Make the Wrong Use of a Void Check?

No, in case you have written word void with a pen and not pencil.

Does the Date of the Check Matter?

Yes, it matters the most as the bank will not accept a check which is six months old or a check with a future date.

Is it Possible to Cancel the Check, Even if it is not with Me?

Yes! You can call or visit the bank branch and can request to cancel the check by giving a valid reason. You can also make use of its online services to stop the check from the payment process. 

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