How to Use PayPal on Amazon: Know it Today

Amazon is no doubt the first choice of customers for online shopping. This eCommerce platform has grown over the years and become the number one trusted platform to shop for any item that you want. 

With numerous features, endless catalog and seamless delivery options, Amazon also provide numerous payment options to choose from such as Debit card, Credit card, Cash on Delivery, Net Banking, etc. This helps customers to checkout with their convenient payment route. 

Many online shoppers have the question: Does Amazon use PayPal? A simple and straight answer to this question is “No”, Amazon is not directly integrated with PayPal. 

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t shop on the website using your PayPal account. 

There are a couple of ways using which you can purchase products on Amazon and pay the money using your PayPal account. We will have a look at these methods in this post so if you are curious to know about these workarounds then keep reading ahead and you will get to know. 

Before checking out these methods, let us know the reason why PayPal and Amazon are not directly integrated. 

Why Amazon does not use PayPal directly?

There are two reasons for Amazon not working with PayPal directly. One is that PayPal is a strong competitor to Amazon’s own payment system: Amazon Pay. If it starts providing the options to users to pay via PayPal then it will be a loss for them. 

Amazon Pay is comparatively new in the market as compared to PayPal so if Amazon starts giving the option to complete the payment with PayPal, how will Amazon Pay grow?

Second, PayPal was earlier part of Amazon’s strong competitor: eBay from 2002 to 2015. After that, they both separated and PayPal became an independent company. Even after the separation, the partnership between both continues so Amazon won’t consider PayPal for the payment as it will be its own loss. 

So, after knowing the reasons why the two are not connected directly to each other, let us now know how can you use PayPal on Amazon with several indirect methods. 

PayPal Cash Card

paypal cash card


One way to purchase goods on Amazon with PayPal is by using the PayPal cash card. It is a debit card using which you can pay the money; the amount will be paid from your PayPal account. Just do the normal process of shopping on Amazon, go to the checkout page and pay with this PayPal cash card. 

This card can be reloaded using bank transfer, direct deposit, and many other ways. Many people are using this facility from PayPal, you can give it a try too. As long as you have balance in your PayPal account, you will be able to pay your bills directly via this card. Just enter the card details on the checkout page and money will be paid from the PayPal account. 

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PayPal Business Debit Card 

paypal business debit card


One has to follow the same process for this card as the above one. The only difference between the PayPal cash card and PayPal business card is that the former one is used for personal use and the later one is associated with a business account.

There is a number of good benefits with the business card and that’s why business owners are preferring this one. The process for paying the bills on Amazon is the same for both the cards so no worries. 

If you are a business owner and use to pay a lot of bills and do a big number of transactions then you can prefer this business card as it can provide you a number of good deals. 

Amazon Gift Cards

amazon gift cards


There is another way of paying the payment on Amazon via PayPal, again it is not a direct method but an indirect way of payment. You can buy Amazon gift cards on other websites and use these gift cards while you shop on the Amazon website. 

For example, you go to an XYZ website and buy an Amazon gift card from there. At the time you buy these gift cards, do the payment via your PayPal account so the money will be debited from it. And now, you go to the Amazon website and buy the items you are looking for using the Amazon gift card that you purchased. 

In this way, you can use your PayPal account money to shop on Amazon. Buy a gift card of that much amount for which you are planning to shop on Amazon. (For example, if you are planning to shop for $100 on Amazon then get a gift card of the same or higher amount).

Now, you will be thinking that from which websites can I buy these gift cards. For this, just search Amazon gift cards on the Internet and you will find numerous websites from which you can buy these cards. 

Just look into a couple of websites as there are pretty good discount deals going on… But make sure that the website from which you purchase these gift cards is safe and secured. Try to pick a reputed and branded website. 

 How to use paypal on amazon


So, here was an overview of how to use PayPal on Amazon. I hope you got a complete idea of it. Next time when you need to buy something on Amazon then follow these routes of doing payment and use your PayPal account for shopping. 

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