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Do You Have a Valid Excuse to Get Out of Jury Duty?

First of all, it is the prime duty of the citizen to appear before the jury and serve your civic duty. But if you are not able to take a day off from your 9-to-5 time and not able to make before the jury, then we might help you with some methods on how to get out of jury duty? Our purpose is not to encourage you to flee from the country or change your name, help you to the right methods. 

But before that, let’s answer fundamental questions related to jury duty. 

1. What is jury duty?

Jury duty when occurs when a citizen of the country received summon from the court to appear in the court on a particular time and day. 

2. Can we make an excuse to avoid jury duty?

Most courts allow skipping the jury duty on certain grounds, including medical emergencies, education, and other reasons. 

3. What happens if you miss jury duty? 

Ditching the jury duty may land you to a substantial fine or two years’ imprisonment. 

4. Is it advisable to skip jury duty?

Jury duty is the civic obligation that citizens have to fulfill. Failure to respond to a summon leads to two years of imprisonment or fine. However, for specific reasons, you can ask the court to excuse you or change the jury duty date.  

Some of The Advice to Avoid Jury Duty

To Avoid Jury Duty

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A Medical Note From Your Doctor

If you are not in a state to serve jury duty because of the medical unwellness, then you can ask your doctor to write a note. This way, you can avoid jury duty as many jurors have used medical conditions, mental unwellness, and other maladies as an excuse. If you are not sure if your medical reason can be served as an excuse or not, talk to your doctor before requesting the note.   

Request For The Change of Date

If you’re a soon-to-be groom and you get called for the jury duty, then this is the perfect reason to excuse yourself from the jury duty. Most of the Jury follows the computerized process and in case of jury duty, the notice will be sent on your registered address. Request for special accommodation form from the online website and fill the form with the reason to change the date. In case, the court may contact you, they might ask you for proof of the excuse. Other acceptable excuses include ill health, leaving town for a trip, best friend’s wedding, parent of young kids, and exams. 

Request Jury Date in December

If the request for the change in date got accepted, then you can request the jury date in December. There are more chances that a jury may cancel the hearing or shift it to another date of the upcoming year. In such a case, the court will never ask you to attend the duty if a shift in date comes from its side. So, this way, you will be fulfilling your civic obligation without going to court. 

Request For an Early Date Than Schedule 

This means to request an earlier date than the original schedule date. As the period will be closer, then chances that it might be already packed. So, the probability of skipping from the duty gets higher when the date gets moved, and chances to never get called get high. 

Student Status Can be The Next Excuse

If you are a student, then your study and lectures can be the best way to skip jury duty. More states will consider this excuse a valid one; however, California doesn’t entertain this excuse. You can request the jury to postpone it to the next upcoming vacation break, some states even exempt students who are enrolled in online courses.  

“Cannot maintain objectivity” can be Your Next Excuse

There are certain things you can do during the questioning and also remember that it is illegal to make such claims on which you don’t believe. Your beliefs play the main role subjecting to punishment or dismissed of the case.

Even you can also make a statement where you can say that it is not possible to prove someone guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. You can even claim that a ‘friend or family member is also police, defense attorney, or prosecutor, and you often discuss such cases with them and how the system fails to make the right judgment.’ Defense side definitely not like such a statement, and chances to dismiss the case may increase.

jury duty

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Play Your Intelligence

One of the best ways to skip is to act stupid or play smart; jurisdiction wants juror to choose either of the ways. Showing you are smart, educated, a logical person takes you towards dismiss of the case. People consider highly educated people too informed about the subjects. So when you show your intelligence and ability to think logically, the attorney feels that you are a free spirit and it isn’t very easy to manipulate their thought process on you. 

Talk about Veto Rights

After selecting for the jury, the judge will ask you to swear to find the final judgment only based on the facts presented in the court. You can refuse to swear as the jury has the right to find a verdict as see fit. This is called ‘jury nullification’ and also takes the note that the prosecutor and judge may not entertain juror who decides to execute veto right. 

Act as Hostile of Judiciary and Government Process

You can claim that you cannot believe in the judiciary and government process of sending people in prison. Also, mention that you believe prison is meant to trap people from their rights and are not allowed to raise their voices. In such a case, the judge may ask you to present your opinion and ideas to change the current structure.  

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George Carlin Technique

If you think you are not left with any excuses, then make the use of the George Carlin Technique. George was a famous comedian who used to complain about politicians and government. You can tell the judge that you don’t believe in the blind statement of judging a person as guilty or innocent by barely looking at their face.  


We hope that by now, you have understood that it is not easy to get away with your jury duty without any valid reason. It is your duty to fulfill your civic obligations like everyone else, but the sudden situation does not allow you; then there were some useful jury duty excuses. For all financial problems and questions, keep reading FinanceShed