How Much Mortgage Can I Afford

Criteria For Measuring How Much Mortgage You Can Afford

While going for buying a home generally the question we have is “How much I should borrow?” but instead to going for borrowing for the difference amount pending to pay you should consider how much you can afford? The decision should be taken based on the earning capacity and monthly interest and the principal amount you can pay. Here is Financeshed with a short guide for the answer to a borrower’s perspective of How Much Mortgage Can I Afford?

When buying property, there is not only one factor that you have to consider. You have to take care of multiple factors and that includes the affordability criteria from a lender’s perspective and how much he is going to lend you. which you can calculate with House Affordability Calculator. Also, only the home is not a criterion that decides you are buying it or not but, you also need to determine some personal criteria by evaluating not only your finances but also your preferences and priorities.

Lenders are willing to lend you money which is always a huge amount as they are going to get interest out of it. But, the payment is to be done by you and that shall be estimated by you about how much you are willing to pay or rather afford to pay over the life of the loan. Affordability calculate gives a solid estimate of each and everything you need to know before going for buying home.

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Mortgage Affordability Calculator

How Much Mortgage Can I Afford


A mortgage affordability calculator is a tool that helps you to estimate the home price you can afford at given values of your earnings and expenses. You can at any time update the inputs given for calculating the loan amount and modify according to your expectations.

Inputs needed:

  • Annual income (Gross)
  • The interest rate you are likely to pay
  • Other existing debts and the interest payable on it
  • Mortgage term acceptable to you
  • Down Payment
  • Home Insurance and tax rate

These inputs are processed by the calculator in order to determine the amount of loan you can afford to take. This will help you keep in mind the amount and fine home that is in your budget. This will surely save your time and energy.

The outputs given by this calculator include:

  • An estimate of the maximum mortgage amount
  • A monthly mortgage payment you can afford
  • The maximum amount a lender might qualify you for
Factors Affecting The Amount You Can Borrow

How Much Mortgage Can I Afford



 The first and the most important factor affect your loan is your income and how stable it is. What are your qualifications and job experience and how would you get another if you lose your current one. Are you eligible to meet your day-to-day expenses if anything happens? There are different Types Of Home Loan you must know about.


Only income is not the proper measurement of calculating how you can afford the mortgage. If you are spending huge and not saving that don’t help you get a mortgage irrespective of how much you earn. Savings are equally important to get a good mortgage.

How Can You Borrow MORE?

How Much Mortgage Can I Afford


If by any means, you are not able to afford the mortgage you are willing then there are certain things that can help you have some minor improvements to sustain at your place. Pay off your current debts. This will help you a great deal to have a decent amount for your mortgage. Paying off a little debt will also make you look consistent in the eyes of the lender. Also paying a bigger amount of down payment will help you have a decent impression on the lender.

These tips can clear the borrower’s doubts like What Mortgage Can I Afford while buying a home.