how much is a book of stamps

How Much Is a Book of Stamps Available For – No More Wonder

What will you do to make sure you have postage you can count on whenever you end up needing it? Yes, you will get a book of stamps. With handy stamps, you can send envelopes through mail as per your own schedule. 

But if the price of stamps changes, what is the point of finding a book of stamps! No issue, the solution is the Forever Stamps. Price change does not impact it. Many questions may arise in your mind, like how much is a book of stamps for, how many stamps you are getting in a book, where you can find these booklets, how much is a book of forever stamps costing you, how to cut down on postage costs if it is fine to pick up more than one booklet! 

The Stamps Booklets are important for everyone who sends letters. Here is a quick guide to Stamp Booklets. Read on to find answers to all your queries on the book of stamps

What is a Postage Stamp?

A postage stamp is a charge that you need to pay for the delivery of your package or letter. It is a custom printed stationery with its specific denomination value in the country and one of the most commonly used ways of paying postal charges for the services of USPS® (United States Postal Service). To calculate the correct postal rate, the weight and dimensions of the post and destination must be accurate.

Postage in the 21st Century

You may wonder why postal services are still in use in this modern era when evolving technology has changed the working system in every industry. The reasons are multifold. Mailing written communication protects your legal standing. Most businesses prefer written communication as it remains the business standard for formal notices and important information. Therefore, even after technological advancement, postages are used widely, and their cost increases every year. In the year 2017, the priority mail rate was increased to 3.9%.

Let us look into the different types of stamps available.

Types of Postage Stamps

In the 21st century, there are numerous postage options available to send something through the mail. The postage is determined based on the services you are leveraged with.

Among various available stamps, three major  types are:

  1. Commemorative stamps: Commemorative stamps generally have an expiry of one year. These are more of a collectors’ item than postage.
  2. Forever stamps: Forever stamps, released in 2007 featuring an image of the Liberty Bell, do not have an expiry. As the name suggests, these stamps are not limited to a specific usage period. Even if there is a hike in postage charges, you can use them without additional postage.
  3. Definitive stamps: Definitive stamps are stamps with different images of animals, birds, and famous personalities. Authorities issue these stamps every year.

What is the Stamp Booklet

how much is a book of stamps


In the US, postal stamps are created as a booklet commonly called the Book of Stamps. This stamp book is available for different types of stamps, like Forever stamps or First-Class stamps, and are issued by the US authority. The first booklet was released in the year 1900 in the US. The stamps come in various designs, and frequent users of postal services utilize these books. If you want special stamps for special events like Christmas, you can find them with USPS. There is a huge collection of stamp booklets based on different categories in themes, shapes, colors, etc. 

What is the USPS

The USPS® (United States Postal Service) is the place where books of stamps are released in the US. US taxes do not fund the USPS as it is a quasi-government agency. Congress first passed the Postal Services Act in 1792 to create the US Postal Office. The Postal Reorganization Act was passed in Congress in 1970, and it transformed the US Postal Office to US Postal Service. The US authorities at USPS release new stamp books from time to time.

How Many Stamps Present on a Booklet 

There are typically 20 stamps in a postal stamp booklet. These stamps are printed on special paper that is easy to tear without damaging the stamps. These booklets are very useful for frequent users of postal services. You can store stamp booklets safely after buying them in bulk, as these stamps come with a cardboard cover.

How Much is a Book of Stamps Costing You?

how much is a book of stamps


Today, postal prices have been segmented according to the sorting technology used to classify and distribute different envelopes, packages, and parcels. 

Forever Stamps are First Class postage that never expires. They are non-denominational postage and always cover the same postage. The USPS sells them at the price of regular First-Class Mail stamps. It means you can use them to mail First Class letters for even current postal rate changes. For example, the postage cost in 2014 was $0.46 for a letter weighing less than one ounce to be delivered to an address within the US. Next year, the postal charges increased by $0.3. Forever Stamps bought in 2013 for $0.46 each can be used for First Class mails today without any additional charges.

The USPS revised the stamp cost this year in August. The current stamp cost is $0.55 each. The cost of its booklet is directly derived from per stamp cost. So, how much is a Book of Postage Stamps available for? A booklet of 20 stamps will be available for $0.55*20=$11. 

A book of stamps is very useful for small businesses that require to send mailers regularly. With a booklet, you will ensure readily available stamps with you whenever you need them. 

How Do Forever Stamps Work

Forever Stamps are used to mail normal-sized letters with a recipient address within the United States. Make sure to weigh your letter before affixing a Forever Stamp because you will not want to get your heavier letters returned due to lack of postage. Weigh your mail correctly and include additional postage to ensure delivery. If a letter weighs more than one ounce, you need to purchase higher denomination postage stamps.

You should not use two or more Forever Stamps on heavier mail. You need to pay a cheaper cost for an additional ounce, generally only $0.25 per extra ounce; hence, you need not  waste a forever stamp worth $0.55.

What Does First Class Postage Mean

Quickly, you should understand when you need to stick a stamp on an envelope. 

The most commonly used method for sending something through the post is the first-class USPS services. You can send pretty much everything as long as it weighs less than 3.5 ounces and fits in a standard-sized envelope. You can send parcels also via first-class if it does not weigh more than 13 ounces.

Most of the time, people use first-class postage to send letters, respond to bills and invoices, and business mail that does not have to be registered.

Following the terms, first-class mail gets delivered within 1-3 business days. However, the delivery timeline is flexible, with a little longer stretch if the recipient’s address is far from your address.

A first-class letter to be delivered within town always takes less time to reach its destination. There are many other USPS offerings with a guaranteed delivery schedule. First-class mail is not a guaranteed service.

Stamps in a Collectible Stamp Book

As mentioned above, the USPS releases new stamps every year, and most of those designs are released in that particular year only. Therefore, many first-class stamps, including forever stamps, are highly collectible. Stamps that feature popular designs sell out very quickly as the USPS is not going to rerelease them.

USPS recognizes that not every collector may get the opportunity to have every single stamp design. Therefore, they created a product specifically for collectors called the collectible stamp book. Every year USPS releases a 64-page book.

A collectible stamp book includes all the specific stamps released in that particular year. The number of stamps in the book may vary from year to year, depending on how many stamps were released in that year. 

For example, the 2018 Collectible Stamp book had 81 specific stamps on 64 pages with detailed information on every design. You can find the history and the significance of that design. You will come to know about the creator of the design and the reason for choosing that design.

The 2019 Collectible Stamp book had 72 stamps, nine stamps less than the previous year. Collectors never know exactly how many stamps they will get in one book. However,  they can rest easy as they know all of the special designs of the year are blocked for them.

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Where To Buy

You can buy the book of stamps online at the official website of the USPS throughout the year. The authority offers discounts if you buy directly from their website, especially for specific designs. There are many other online stores that have promo deals and offers. However, these deals can be hard to time. You may not exactly know when they came and went. But, if you find one, it can reduce the stamp book’s price significantly.

You can buy the book of stamps offline also. These are available with many renowned retail outlets, but they don’t usually offer a deal.

How to Reduce the Mailing Cost Further 

Yes, you can keep postage stamps handy with a book of forever stamps, but you may want to save more. Let us show you the light on the route of savings. 

As the cost of postage stamps increases in a year or two, you will prefer to buy a book of forever stamps and allow yourself to save on costs for years. Similarly, if business owners want to save on mailing costs, they can buy books of forever postage stamps in bulk. 

You should know that you can save further on mailing costs. How? Sign up for a mail meter.  

  • High-volume mailers can apply for a permit imprint or postage meters to pay in accordance with commercial rates. These postage options are available with USPS® and third-party vendors also. 
  • A mail meter basically lets high-volume mailers make advance payment for postage that helps them save a significant amount, again, only for a lot of postages. You need to pay a charge every month for such meters. You can upgrade the limit of mails if required for your business expansion.
  • To utilize the mailer meter, you should be a large shipper. Generally, a business or organization sends an enormous amount of mail regularly, therefore, they can go in this direction. 

So guess how much cost you can reduce with a mail meter? In January 2019, Metered Postage cost just five cents per mail. This cost was $0.50 for a first-class stamp – such relief on the pocket.

Thus, metered mail results in significant cost reduction. And signing up for a mail meter is an opportunity for big businesses. 

Make sure you send thousands (not tens of thousands) of mail to enjoy such volume discounts. If you do not send that much mail through the USPS, obviously, you can stick to the stamp books of 20 individual stamps and buy in bulk to save on increasing mail costs year to year. 

Now, you know how much is a book of stamps costing you, how much is a postage stamp, why those stamps are called the forever stamps, how to buy them, and how you can save on mail costs. Whether you are a collector, a business owner, or just want to connect with your dear ones, a Book of stamps is available for you. Stay connected with your loved ones and fulfill your professional responsibility using postage stamps.

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