hoge coin price prediction

Hoge Coin Price Prediction: Is It a Good Investment?

Hoge Coin is a meme cryptocurrency, launched by Hoge finance on 7th February 2021. It is an Ethereum based token, a deflationary asset and decentralized finance (defi) coin of Doge. It is hence popularly known as, Doge but defi, that is Doge but without the problems. 

Hoge Coin Price Prediction raises a question of whether it could be the next Dogecoin! Hoge coin founders encourage auto-staking tokens in the wallet for transactional benefits. Hoge is a staunch supporter of Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) platform driven by meme creation, game labs opening for the public, esports community, public discussions, creation of art and so on. 

Hoge Finance Coin Price 

(Statistics as on 3rd december, 2021 by CoinMarketCap)

Hoge Coin Current Price$ 0.0004229
Market Cap$ 171,058,008.49
Circulating Supply402,596,067,849 HOGE
Maximum Supply1,000,000,000,000 HOGE
Market Ranking379
Daily Trading Volume $ 2,107,744
All-time high$ 0.0009634 (March 15th, 2021)
All-time low$ 0.0000007 (February 22nd, 2021)
Website https://hogefinance.com/ 

HOGE was launched with a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000,000 coins of which the circulating supply reached 40% with 402,596,067,849 tokens. 

HOGE coin has a market capitalization of $ 171,058,008.49 with a daily trading volume at $ 2,107,744, which ranks the cryptocurrency at 379th position. 

Hoge Coin Price Prediction is a hot topic in the crypto universe since the currency hit an all time high of $ 0.0009634 on March 15th, 2021, close to a month after its very launch. It’s all time low was recorded at $ 0.0000007 on February 22nd, 2021, few weeks after its launch. 

HOGE deploys a smart burn system for prevention of price manipulation and encouragement of holding, which comes with a 2% tax that is evenly distributed based on supply burn and holding. 

For example, a 50% burn of supply accounts for weighted tax of 1% of the burnt transaction and 1% of redistribution to holders at 50%. While 70% of a total supply burn accounts for weighted tax of 1.4% on burnt transaction and remaining 0.6% on redistributed to holders at 30%. 

hoge coin price prediction

Source: capital.com

HOGE Coin News 

HOGE is listed in crypto exchanges such as : 

  • Gate.io
  • Whitebit
  • Guardarian (for swapping)
  • ChageNews.io (for swapping)
  • BigOne 
  • ZT
  • Pancake Swap (V2) 
  • Uniswap (V2)
  • Decoin
  • 0x Protocol

It is predicted that HOGE might soon be listed in the top crypto exchanges such as Binanace, Coinbase, Kraken, Kucoin and Huobi Global. Hoge Finance fundraised in the month of August for aid to be listed in one of the top crypto exchanges. 

HOGE Finance coin is the first deflationary, defi meme cryptocurrency to complete a CertiK audit. It has steered non-profit projects with partnerships such as animal charities, and has registered the HOGE Association in partnership with DAO, Switzerland. 

Hoge Finance is predicted to build a Hoge University for content around training in crypto currencies and an integrated database for educational resources on industries that are trending. 

Hoge Coin Rally 

The HOGE coin rallied in the month of March 2021 from hitting an all-time high of $ 0.0009634 on 15th to a retreat of $ 0.0001146 on 29th. It consolidated to reach $ 0.0008081 in the month of May 2021. But, in July, it again retreated with an effect of a fall in crypto prices to $ 0.0000717. 

The rally continued through August 2021, with an upward slide to $ 0.0001179 on August 1st, but that didn’t last long enough with a drop at $ 0.0000728 on August 13th, yet a short bullish run landed its price to gain 75.7% by August 22nd at $ 0.0001279. 

The 90 day low and high history of HOGE token (until December 3rd 2021) is recorded at $ 0.00007347 and $ 0.0007895 respectively. 

HOGE Finance coin history for the past 30 days (until 3rd december 2021) stands at a low of $ 0.000226 and a high of $ 0.0006422. 

The 7 day low and high of HOGE coin (until 3rd december 2021) has rallied from a low of $ 0.0002261 to $ 0.0004275.

hoge coin price prediction

Source: capital.com 

Hoge Coin Price Prediction by Popular Platforms

The four Popular forecast platforms of Cryptocurrencies have shared their analysis and projections of Hoge Coin Price Prediction :

  • DigitalCoin

According to DigitalCoin, Hoge Coin Price Prediction is set to rise in the next 5 years to reach $ 0.0016134. By 2022, it may rise upto $ 0.006468, reduce in 2023-2024 and then consolidate to a bull run. Hence, it is opportuned as a profitable long term investment.

  • TradingBeasts

Hoge Coin Price Prediction by TradingBeasts comes with a resounding no for being termed a good investment. By the end of 2022, analysts project it to grow to $ 0.0005288 from $ 0.0003773 with respect to the 2021 perspective.  

  •  WalletInvestor 

Wallet Investor has a positive Hoge Coin Price Prediction to be termed as a good long term investment. It could reach $ 0.0010050 by the end of 2026, a long term potential of 14.78% growth. 

  • GovCapital

Hoge forecast by GovCapital is not positive of being termed a good investment. The analysts project a bearish forecast for the rest of 2021 to reach rock bottom of zero in April 2022.  

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Hoge Finance Coin Price Prediction : 2021-2030

hoge coin price prediction

Source: capital.com

According to Price Prediction analysis, Hoge Finance coin is projected to rise steadily across the decade. 

Minimum Price

YearMinimum Price 
2021$ 0.00037317
2022$ 0.00058274
2023$ 0.00084913
2024$ 0.001
2025$ 0.002
2026$ 0.003
2027$ 0.004
2028$ 0.005
2029$ 0.008
2030$ 0.011

Average Price

YearAverage Price 
2021$ 0.0004125
2022$ 0.00059924
2023$ 0.00087909
2024$ 0.001
2025$ 0.002
2026$ 0.003
2027$ 0.004
2028$ 0.006
2029$ 0.008
2030$ 0.012

Maximum Price

YearMaximum Price 
2021$ 0.00042423
2022$ 0.00068705
2023$ 0.001
2024$ 0.002
2025$ 0.002
2026$ 0.003
2027$ 0.005
2028$ 0.007
2029$ 0.009
2030$ 0.014

What’s the Takeaway? 

Wondering whether or not to trade in Hoge Coin? Hoge Coin Price Prediction is based on technical analysis, fundamental analysis, cryptocurrency ecosystem and future of Hoge Finance projects. 

It is always recommended to make decisions based on your own research to assess the viability of Hoge coin that suits your temperament and risk appetite. It is to be noted that the crypto market is highly volatile and hence, take any information with a pinch of salt before plunging to trade. 

hoge coin price prediction

Source: medium.com

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is HOGE coin a good investment? 

Like any cryptocurrency, HOGE is a high-risk investment subject to volatility. To include HOGE token in your portfolio largely depends on your risk tolerance level, financial capabilities and portfolio diversification strategy. Do your own research (DYOR) to best analyze facts before you make your investment or trading decision. 

  • What’s the future prospects of HOGE finance? 

If you have a certain perception about market conditions, duly note that HOGE finance comes with risk of what the future holds for memes. It absolutely comes down to your research or adoption of respective analyst’s views. The future of HOGE finance depends on how well it can differentiate itself from other cryptocurrencies down the line. 

  • Is it possible for HOGE to reach $ 0.01 by 2030? 

It is too ambitious to predict HOGE to reach $ 0.01 by 2030. Hence, it is definitely not possible considering analysts’ views. 

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