Highest Paying Jobs In The US

Some Highest Paying Jobs In U.S. For 2019

Many of you may be interested in knowing that which jobs would give you good money working in the United States. As many people like to earn more and try to get a job they love but sometimes it is not possible as they do not get many job opportunities. Many of the people are also interested in the statistics of a job as they would like to choose a career where they can get the job easily so that they don’t have to be unemployed for a longer period of time.

So here are some of the jobs and professions which are very much popular as well as they help people earn a lot of money. This list includes most of the professionals related to dentists and medical fields, as they are the highest paid professionals in most of the hospitals. Here is FinanceSheds list of Highest Paying Jobs in the U.S.


Highest Paying Jobs In The US

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As per the research it is known that the average a surgeon can make in a year has come to $255110 in the year of 2019 which was $251890 in the year of 2018. Here the surgeons mean the one who performs the activities of physicians treating the disease, deformities, etc.

General Internists:

Highest Paying Jobs In The US

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These kinds of physicians are said to be the ones who are practicing in diagnosing and providing the non-surgical treatment. The average annual salary of the internists is said to be around $196490 in the year 2019 and which was more in the year of 2018 at an average of $198370.

Family And General Practitioners:

Highest Paying Jobs In The US

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Many of the doctors are generally practicing on a small basis. They provide people the general treatment that they need to give for small and viral diseases. The average income of the family and the general practitioner was $211780 in the year 2019 which has increased from $208560 in the year 2018.

There are many other professional who are paid a higher salary than some other professionals. They include:

Chief Executives:

Highest Paying Jobs In The US

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The chief executives include the people who are working at the top level of the management in the companies, as well as these, are the people who are there to advise and run the business of various multi-national companies. The average earnings of chief executives in the year 2019 were $200000 which was $196960 in the year 2018.

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Airplane pilots, Co-pilots, etc.:

Highest Paying Jobs In The US

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The average earnings of such pilots are $169560 in the year 2019 and it was lower in the year 2018 at an average of $161280. This category of the person includes the pilot, co-pilot, flight engineers, etc. who helps in the operating of flight.

Petroleum Engineers:

Highest Paying Jobs In The US

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It is seen that nowadays there is a good amount of increase in the salaries and earnings of the engineers and one of such categories is known as petroleum engineering. The average salaries in 2018 and 2019 were $154780 and $156370 respectively.


Highest Paying Jobs In The US

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The lawyers also have a good increase in the earnings on account of an increase in the cases and lawsuits in the country and also lawyers are needed for compliance for the law. The average salary of a lawyer was determined to be $141890.

Financial Manager:

Highest Paying Jobs In The US

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The financial managers are the one who helps the companies as well as individuals in managing there need and sources of finance. They are the one who takes care of financial needs and tax planning of others. The average salary of a financial manager was determined to be $143530.