feg coin price prediction

FEG Coin Price Prediction and FEG Token [Latest Update]

The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry encountered explosive growth in 2021, with many new exciting projects, especially in its decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. Many crypto enthusiasts believe that cryptos will set off a new wave of financial innovation with an increasing level of adoption among investors. It has made people keen to know more about the FEG coin price prediction

Everyone wants to learn about crypto, as many new projects are coming up quickly. One such project is the FEG token. It has drawn the attention of many. There may be confusion among investors whether to invest in FEG tokens or stay away due to their volatility. Let us elaborate on this coin. You can look at FEG token price prediction and determine if it’s worth investing in. 

What is FEG Token? 

feg coin price prediction

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FEG Stands for Feed Every Gorilla. The name is apt due to their first charitable partner PASA (Pan African Sanctuary Alliance). The FEG team aims to match $750 of donations made by FEG community each month.

The originator of FEG is FEGrox. The project’s alias lead developer represents himself as ‘a mysterious and highly trusted blockchain expert’ with considerable experience of years, aiding the development of the decentralized finance (DeFi) infrastructure. FEGRox is active on Twitter with over 20,000 followers and Reddit members over 15,000. He claims that he is completely dedicated to FEG Token and on the path of making it the face of DeFi. 

The token’s long-term viability is favored by its new releases of certain items to grow into the crypto industry. Recently, FEG has introduced Smart DeFi and calls it ‘the latest innovation.’ As per FEG social media handles, it is the world’s first frictionless token. 

The FEG Token provides a decentralized transaction network. There is no requirement of exchange to host trading. It claims it to be 100% RUG proof and honeypot proof. 

The coin is supported by Ethereum (ERC-20) and Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) with a maximum circulating supply of 100Q (quadrillion). It is providing the most robust ecosystem for required improvements in DeFi. It is completely dedicated to re-imagining how DeFi operates. Since it is decentralized, there is no primary owner of the token. All decisions are made in the interest of the FEG community.

How FEG Token Works

FEG is a deflationary cryptocurrency based on a supply and demand model. With a decreased supply, the token’s scarcity increases & as a result, the value of the FEG token continues to increase.

For more clarity, understand this. Every transaction of a FEG token attracts a tax of 2%. A tax of 1% (reflections) is provided to the token holders, and another 1% is burnt permanently. It encourages buyers to hold the token. As A Result, the circulating supply reduces over time.

Due to the decreased supply, the level of token scarcity increases, and a supply and demand model creates an inversely proportional connection. There is no limit to the number of tokens that can be destroyed. It results in a continuous rise in the value of the FEG token.

Burnt tokens mechanism secures investors as every token will always have value, nevertheless what the market price is. It claims that when any buyer sells a FEG token, the baseline value increases instead of reduction. With such transparent baseline value, buyers know the risk ratios even before trading.

FEG has 100 quadrillion tokens and the price will always be less than $0.001. This allows individuals to collect millions of them. They can easily hold them while the token value increases due to the burning mechanism built into FEG. FEG has a market cap of $176 million with about 600,000 holders.

Every transaction on FEG comes with steep transaction costs. The fees can be locked into liquidity pools to increase the Total Value Locked (TVL) of FEG. This will take years to happen.

feg coin price prediction

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FEG Token Statistics

As per the data on Coinmarketcap, the FEG coin is traded at the price of $0.000000004043 as of December 22, 2021, with a market capitalization of $168,643,162. Fully Diluted Market Cap is $405,610,385.18 (0.68%). The circulating supply is 41,577,624.29B FEG. This ranks the FEG crypto as 3249 in trading. With an increase in its trading volume, the coin has shown an increase of 4.14% in the last 24 hours and 4.45% in the last seven days. 

FEG Coin Price Prediction 2022-2025

In the year 2021, as per digital coin analysis, the FEG Token’s price has an expected value between $0.000000001815 and $0.0000000027. The token met the expectation. Let us look at FEG token price prediction 2022-2025

analyzed by different crypto platforms.

Considering its recent growth and Digital Coin Price analysis, it is expected that the coin will touch $0.0000000030 in 2022 and close out the year at $0.0000000033. As per data provided by cryptocurrency price prediction, the coin will perform well in the first quarter of 2023. Later there will be a slight reduction, and the price may drop to $0.0000000027. According to Digital Coin analysis, this new crypto may touch $0.0000000049 (growth of 174%) in 2024. Digital Coin forecasts that the coin may hit the value of $0.0000000070 (growth of 292.79%) in 2025. 

Wallet Investor FEG coin price prediction: According to WalletInvestor, the FEG coin price will increase to $0.000001 in one year. Its FEG coin price prediction is positive, with a long-term earning potential of 23155.81%.

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How to Buy FEG Tokens? 

feg coin price prediction

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You may consider FEG tokens to buy with such FEG coin price predictions. Let us discuss the ways to buy FEG crypto.

FEG Token is the commanding token of FEG Exchange (FEGex) – decentralized exchange/cross-chain centralized exchange (DEX/CEX). It enables buyers to swap, stake, add to liquidity pools, or fWrap the token. FEG Token can be bought through FEGex using either a BSC or ETHEREUM Wallet – Metamask, Trust Wallet, or ATOMIC.

The new token listed on FEGex has the option of adding liquidity and pairing between listed token options. It is called FEGwrap or fWrap. Such additional pairing allows buyers to bring them to FEGex and fWrap them. The buyer can earn their portion of the frictionless 1% in the same token that is fWrap. To understand, if you fWrap fBTC, you get rewards in fBTC.

To buy FEG, you need Ethereum’s token. You can buy Ether tokens on any crypto exchange that supports the asset. Some popular exchanges among investors to buy Ether tokens are Coinbase, Gemini, eToro, and Kraken.

FEG token where to buy: You can buy FEG tokens from the following exchanges:

Uniswap (DEX- Decentralized Exchange)

PancakeSwap (DEX)






FEG is now available to buy on the Coinbase wallet. FEG token can be accepted on WooCommerce.


It can be speculated what value cryptocurrencies like the FEG token may have for investors in the coming years, but the fact is that it is still a new and hypothetical investment without much history. No matter what experts say on FEG coin price prediction, no one really knows the authenticity of such investments. Therefore, it is necessary that you invest what you are ready to lose. Keep your investments small. Do your own research. Remember, your goals are more crucial than crypto investments.

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