Company Registration

Company Registration And How Necessary It Is

Business is the most favorable choice these days made by the people. Here you just need to have an idea and an execution to that, which can bring you results at the end. Being an entrepreneur it is always your responsibility to understand what the company requires the most when it is on the initial phase itself.

You need to be idealistic at the same time realistic to bring your dreams to reality. The idea which you have plotted on the paper needs to get to reality. For that, you need to make arrangements like thinking of the capital that must be required for the business, your product of sale, about the profit or loss that your company will be experiencing at the beginning of the journey.

But most importantly what matters is that, is your company is registered according to the norms of the government? Yes, it is also the most important step to do and you must obviously do that to register your company for the legal rights that are provided by the government.

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Why Register Your Company?

Company Registration


Registering your company provides you the legal right to do your business. It just not gives your company a unique name but also at the same time it allows you to build restrictions for other entities not to copyright the same idea that you are working with.

Because when you register your company then, copying exactly the same idea will lead to illegal affairs. 

How to Register Your Company?

For this purpose, a company must at least have two partners to make the company registration in Delhi process easier. It is necessary to book your slot into the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, this helps you registering your name of the company.

The company director and the shareholders are the partners that have a role during the registration process. When you apply with all the legal and required documents by the government then verifying all your documents and other processes you will eventually get a unique identification number. 

This number is really unique and that just gives your company a unique identity that helps you to fight for your rights and also at the same time builds the trust in your clients or customers that will help you to run your business in a much better way.

Advantages of Registering a Company

Equity Raise

When you are leading a company then you must be knowing about the funding for raising the capital. So for that purpose, you might have your partner as a shareholder along with you. Or else as a private registered company you have a scope to get other investors like the venture capital firms, private equity firms, and hedge funds. Registering your company in the MCA allows the investors to invest in your company.

Limited liability Protection

This is a very beneficial step to take once you are running a business. Because doing business is like solving a probability that has a swinging type of answer that depends on the occurrence. It can either make you successful if you have a really good idea with excellent execution or else it can lead you to debts.

Company Registration


What happens is that this limited liability protection helps you when your business is at risk or in debt. At that point in time, your personal asset would not be harmed or taken away from you. Only the assets that are involved in your business will be at risk.

In conclusion, it is a very necessary step to complete the registration procedure for your company before you step into the business field.