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Cannabis Business Social Network: Grow Your Network on These Amazing Sites

Social networking sites have become an integrated part of our lives. There are social networking sites for Cannabis lovers too. People who are fond of cannabis can register on these Cannabis Business Social Network platforms and can make new friends who are equally enthusiastic about marijuana. 

Just like social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, this cannabis business social network platform has the same enriching features which will make you get too much engaged in them. 

Not only for making new friends but these sites can also be used to grow your business if you are selling cannabis. So, it is a dual advantage of growing both your social and professional network in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Business Social Network

Let us check out some popular platforms that are widely used by weed lovers. 

Weldable  Business Social Network For Cannabis

cannabis business social network


On this Weedable platform, one can have a personal as well as a business profile too. If you are a user just to search for shops and to know about cannabis then you can create your profile and start searching. 

Business owners will create a business profile and post their products so that users can have a look at them and purchase them directly from the platform itself. 

Users can compare the products of multiple sellers and purchase them from the seller that they find the cannabis of higher quality and also select the ones having the least rate. There are deals posted by the various sellers so users can take advantage of the same as well. 

It is a great platform for business owners as they can attract a high user base. they can keep them engaged with exciting deals, the latest news, and information and this helps to increase sales. 

Business owners can engage with the audience, chat with them, and increase the followers just like the concept of followers on the social media platform: Instagram. They can even connect with other prominent businesses and make professional connections from their business profile. 

The exciting news is that the platform will have its mobile application so the users will now be able to access the platform simply with their fingers on the smartphones. 

Grasscity Forums

cannabis business social network


Grasscity Forum is one of the oldest online communities on which users can discuss weeds. 

On this platform, users can chat about weeds, transfer the knowledge of weeds, and share information about the same. In short, it is a social forum where users can get the answers to any of their questions about marijuana.

Getting so much good response from people and as many users got engaged on this, it has become one of the largest cannabis-based online social forums and that’s why it is having one of the rich databases of cannabis. It has added a directory of dispensaries around the US.

If you are new to this marijuana world and want to get some knowledge about the same then you can join this platform and start reading the chats of other users posted publicly. 

If you are a cannabis business owner then you can post your products on this forum so the users will come to know about your business when they are searching for local businesses for the same. 


cannabis business social network


Duby is having one of the largest communities of cannabis lovers. You have to download the app from the Google play store or App store and register in it. This app is having a combination of features from Instagram, Twitter, and Tinder. 

Just like Instagram, you can view the top stories and other stuff. And similar to Tinder, there is a feature to like/dislike the stories and users. The terminology is different, you have to “pass” the stories that you like and that you don’t like, you have to “put out” them.

Join this platform and you will have an amazing group of marijuana enthusiasts just like you. Promotion of products can also be done on this platform so business owners can take the advantage of it. 

WeedLife Business Social Network For Cannabis

cannabis business social network


Another cannabis social network platform is Weedlife where users can post pictures, videos, posts, create groups, join groups, create events, post questions, and chat with each other about cannabis; And yes, they can purchase the products as well!

It is a new platform but it has got very popular in a short span of time and many users are registering for it. Both the number of normal members and business members is increasing day by day on it. People from over 120 countries can join this platform. 

Its Facebook-style feed is what makes it set apart from the other platforms. Users feel like they are using Facebook for marijuana where the Newsfeed gets updated at regular intervals and they can share almost anything they want on their wall. 

At the time of registration, it will ask you if you want to create a member profile or a business profile. As per your requirement, you can choose any of them and provide the details, and register.

Make sure you are above age 21 as all the platforms will require you to be 21 or above to use the platform. 

It is a great opportunity for business owners to register and start selling cannabis products on this platform. They can interact with the potential audience and increase their sales which also helps to create a loyal and regular new customer base. 

The best part of all these platforms is that they are user-friendly and anyone can easily get used to it. 

Discussion forums are the best way users can learn more about the products, their usage, pros, and cons, and this platform has a large group of active users who promptly replies to any question that anyone has. 

It has a mobile app too. 


cannabis business social network


This is like a business professional platform where you can connect with other business owners who sell cannabis. It is a part of the WeedLife platform. 

Connecting with other people who belong to the same cannabis industry will give you a lot more exposure. Growing your connections is like growing your business with wonderful opportunities arising every now and then. 

Business owners have to add their company details on the platform and search for other vendors and look for good opportunities.

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cannabis business social network


Another platform where cannabis business owners can grow their professional network is this one. MJLink is similar to LinkedIn where you can grow your professional network socializing with marijuana entrepreneurs. 

Marijuana growers, sellers, lawyers, traders, etc. are the people with whom you can connect on this platform and as a business owner, you will need their help anytime so you can connect with them and know about their work and that can help you grow your business ideas in some way or the other. 

This platform is a partner with WeedLife.

There is an advertisement option available on this platform where the business owners can post their advertisements and it will be shown to other members of the platform, isn’t that great? 

420 Singles

cannabis business social network


420 Singles is not a social networking platform but is a dating platform created for cannabis lovers. If you are a cannabis smoker and want to date someone. Who is also fond of the same then this app is for you.

It is like tinder for marijuana where you can leave swipe or right swipe. Different people near your area and find the appropriate match for you.

You have to right swipe them whose profile suits interesting to you. You think they will be a good match for you. Left swipe them that you think won’t match your nature and interests. 

The good point is everyone will be using weeds. So, at least one mutual interest will be there between you and the other person. With whom you will start dating. 

It is a different app from the above-listed ones. So, just download it from Google Play Store or App Store and start using it. It is available free of cost. If you don’t want to date anyone but want to have a good friend. With whom you can smoke then also this app will be perfect for you. 

High There

cannabis business social network


Another dating app on the list, High there can get you a perfect match with whom you can enjoy smoking. Just download the app from the stores and register in it and start left swiping and right-swiping. Chat with them with whom you get a match.

Grow a good relationship and start dating your partner to enjoy a good marijuana smoking experience together. 

The app is completely free to use. 

So, here were the different cannabis business social network platforms on which you can register and view the various posts, photos, videos, ask questions in the forums, interact with other members, make new marijuana enthusiastic friends, and grow your professional network. 

Check out some of them and get engaged in the platform that you find the most interesting! For all financial aid and guidance, keep making your way to FinanceShed.