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4 Best Men’s Minimalist Front Pocket Wallets To Buy Today

We all use wallets every day. Whether it is for storing some hard cash, storing our debit and credit cards and storing some small important paper documents like bills and visiting cards. There are both front and back wallets available these days. 

Earlier, people used to use the back wallets and most of the people still keep their wallets in their back pockets only but the trend shows some figures about the increasing demand for the front wallets as well.

Many people feel uncomfortable while they sit with the wallet in the back pocket. It is more convenient to sit while the wallet is in the front pocket. Also, there are chances of thieves stealing the wallets from the back without the owner knowing it. While with the front pocket wallet, there is no chance of it getting stolen.  

Wallet manufacturing companies are providing the utmost attention to make the best front pocket wallet with the most suitable ergonomic design. This will help to easily carry it around and sit comfortably. Also, it can be kept in the back as well and used more conveniently. 

When you are buying a new front wallet, then you have to focus on some important parameters. 

The first parameter is its capacity. Look for how many things can be stored in it, how many cards and bills can one put in it. Now know your needs and figure out whether its capacity will match up with your needs or not. 

The second parameter is the material, good leather is nice but it will be very costly and you need to put extra attention to maintain its quality, you can go for nylon or ripstop as well. 

Third parameter: Now, many wallets come with RFID blocking, you have to make sure that you find one that has this feature. This will protect your cards against electronic thefts. 

Today, we have brought 4 best men’s front pocket wallet that you must check out and get anyone from it for yourself. These wallets have their own unique features and all of them are from reputed brands so you can easily trust them and get one.

Let us check them out now.

1. Hammer Anvil Leather Wallet

best front pocket wallet


This wallet is designed in Los Angeles. It has all the good features that you will require your wallet to have. Also, it is not much expensive, it is of 4 x 3.25 inches in size and is made of genuine leather. 

There is a total of 6 card slots and one middle section where you can put your hard cash.  Three cards can be put on the front slots and three cards will get on in the back slots. 

Electronic pickpocketing is a big issue these days so thank God, they are providing the RFID-blocking protection. You can put your cards in the RFID protectors and it will be safe.

There are seven colors available in it. The current price of this wallet on Amazon is $12.99. Reviews of this product are really good so get it for yourself today.

2. Protectif Zip Wallet

best front pocket wallet


This is a zippered wallet so if you are worried about dropping your cards or cash accidentally then this will work for you. It has three card slots, one section with a zip to keep cards, cash, and bills and one for ID pocket. The metal zipper is durable so you don’t have to worry about breaking it. RFID protection is available and it has multiple colors to choose from. Get this minimalist wallet today!

3. Rogue Industries Front Pocket Wallet

best front pocket wallet


Front wallets should be comfortable enough while using them. Their shape should be such that we can easily move around with the wallet in the front pocket, it shouldn’t be a hurdle for us to carry it around. 

Keeping the comfort of people in mind, Rogue industries design the wallets with the best ergonomic design. Its specialty is the shape of a shark fin that allows you to comfortably put the wallet in your front pocket and carry it around easily. 

It has genuine bison leather which is very good in quality. You will find the price of this wallet too high ($53.15) but it is worth its quality. You can go for the ballistic nylon material which is comparatively cheaper. 

There are RFID protectors in the wallet so no need to worry about placing your cards in it. There are three card slots available, one section for cash and one ID pocket. You can hold 6 cards in it with 2 cards in one slot. It is available in black and brown color. 

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4. Serman Brands’ Slim Bifold Wallet 

best front pocket wallet


Wallets from the Serman brand are really good and this bifold wallet will let you store everything you want. Its specialty is its slim and minimalist design. The high-quality genuine leather won’t get deteriorate and will last long.  

One can store eight cards in the wallet that measures 4 x 3 inches. There is a red ribbon in the interior pockets that lets you get instant access to the cards. RFID protection is available in it. You will get a variety of eight different colors to pick one. Current price of it on Amazon is $29.99. 

best front pocket wallet


So, here were the best minimalist wallets that you can go for. Choose the one that you think suffices your needs in the best manner and is in your budget and carry your cash, cards and other things conveniently. For more details, visit Financeshed.