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Know All About 11 Charter Communications: Easy Ways To Remove It From Credits

In case 11 Charter Communications has started showing up on your credit report all of a sudden, it might come as a relief to know that you are not the only one to face this situation. 11Charter Communications LLC is a debt collection agency which has been appearing on innumerable credit reports of customers all across The United States. There are high chances that it presents itself as a ‘collection account’ entry on your credit report. 

Even though you do not need to panic over it, you also can not afford to ignore it all together. A collection account from 11 Charter Communications on credit report is bad news, this is because it has the potential to damage your credit score. Even worse is the fact that this credit account can reflect on a customer’s credit report for a period of up to 7 year. If you choose to ignore this and fail to take immediate action  on it, it can do permanent damage to your credit score. Keep reading to know everything about 11 Charter Communications and how you can get rid of 11 Charter Communications. 

What is 11 Charter Communications?

Located in St. Louis, Missouri, United States, 11 Charter Communications is a well known debt collection agency. It is a part of Charter Communications and is the particular branch which is responsible for debt collection. Charter Communications, famous by its brand name Spectrum, is a well known company in the field of cable, phone and internet services across The United States. 

A credit account from 11 Charter Communications means that they own your debt and you owe them money. Creditors such as personal loan lenders, banks and credit card issuers use the services of collection agencies to recover funds that are past their due date. When a creditor gives up on a debt recovery and closes the account, a collection agency purchases such a type of a delinquent  debt from the creditor and collects it. 11 Charter Communications does the same. 

Is 11 Charter Communications A Real Company Or Scam?

11 charter communications

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11 Charter Communication, LLC, is very much a legal company and conducts legit debt recovery activities. It is the debt collection branch of Charter Communications, Inc. which is a famous name in the field of internet, phone and cable services. Charter Communications is a well reputed, publicly traded company and has a workforce of more than 98,000 employees. Since it is not a scam or a fraudulent agency, you can not afford to ignore a communication from them.

How Does 11 Charter Communications Work?

Charter Communications, the parent company to its debt collection wing, is a well known name across the United States for its low priced telecommunication services which have made them a popular name and given them a massive network. The company went ahead to further expand its home internet services under its brand name ‘Spectrum’ after a merger with Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable. 

This multiplied the company’s customer base by many folds and expanded its customer support activities as well. It is often seen that subscribers forget or fail to pay their due bills or leave an unpaid balance due on their account when they discontinue their services from a company. When subscribers move or change their service provider, it is a common practice that the final settlement of payment is left undone. 

Under such circumstances, Charter Communications have the option of reporting such unpaid outstanding bills to all the three primary credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. This will result in a negative credit account on the customer’s credit report and would negatively impact his credit score and lower it down.

Things To Know

It is a common practice for companies like Charter Communications to hire the services of a debt collection agency which would recover such outstanding debts from the customers for them. Another common practice in such cases is that the debt collection agency purchases such unpaid debts for extremely low prices. 

Once they gain ownership of such debts, the agencies report them to the credit bureaus and keep pursuing the customers till they get ready to reach an agreement with the agency on payment of the debts. A credit account entry on a customer’s credit report can stay there up to 7 years, which can lead to a major damage to a huge damage to his credit score. Furthermore, once there is a credit account on a customer’s credit report regarding 11 Charter Communications payment, the agency can mail letters and make calls to the customer for the recovery of such unpaid debts.

Will 11 Charter Communications Sue Me?

It is possible that 11 Charter Communications can sue you in civil court for unpaid debts and they can do so legally. Since the expenses that need to be undertaken for this are way too high as compared to the payoff, it is not very likely for them to do so. However, you can not take it for granted that the collection agency would not do so and you need to take any communication from them very seriously to avoid such a situation. It is natural to fear getting sued for your unpaid debts. To handle these circumstances, it is advisable to stay in constant communication with the collection agency so that they do not take legal action against you. 

Why Is 11 Charter Communications On My Credit Report?

In all probability, you have a collection account on your credit report because you have outstanding bills or debts which you have failed to pay over the time. In case you availed the services of Charter Communications but failed to make the payment you owe them, such delinquent payments will automatically be transferred to 11 Charter Communications. This will reflect as a 11 Charter Communications pay bill account on your credit report. The collection agency is the debt collection branch of the parent company and all communications with you regarding your outstanding bill will be from 11 Charter Communications. 

Can I Remove 11 Charter Communications From My Credit Report?

You do not need to lose hope or panic as It is very much possible to eliminate 11 Charter Communications from your credit report. You can choose from different strategies we would discuss further to deal with the credit agency depending on your financial situation and financial goals. Strategise well and do not be scared while handling the situation and you will be able to settle the matter without much hassle. 

What To Do If I See 11 Charter Communications On My Credit Report?

11 charter communications

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It is certainly not a happy sign to see a credit account from a collection agency on your credit report. However, in case you see a credit account from 11 Charter Communications on your credit report, the best thing you can do is to act quickly. If you fail to respond to the collections account and do not pay the collections, in all probability, the collection agency will report you to the credit bureau and start contacting you frequently to remind you of the delinquent payment. 

This can go to very serious lengths like the collecting agency repossessing your personal assets like your car or even foreclosing your home. So, what should you immediately do when you see such a credit account on your report?

You Can Take One of These Below Mentioned Steps in Such a Situation:

Verify the Legitimacy of the Collections Account:

Even though 11 Charter Communications is a legally registered agency, there is a possibility that the debt issued in your name is not legitimate. There could be several errors in it such as, it could be a debt in someone else’s name, the amount of the debt could be wrong or the debt could be even otherwise incorrect. Therefore, it is important to verify that the debt is in your name and the amount of the debt is also accurate. It is advisable not to share any debt related or personal information until you have verified that the agency is genuine. 

Pay Off the Debt:

Once you have verified that the credit account on your report is legitimate, it makes sense to pay off the debt. Once you pay off the debt, it will reflect as zero balance on your credit report but it will not be removed from the credit report altogether.

Communicate with a Credit Counselor:

Credit counselors are specialists who can help you in removing a collections account from your credit report, assist you in creating a working plan to manage the debt owed by you and also help you in rebuilding credit on your report.

How To Check Legitimacy Of 11 Charter Communications?

  • A legitimate debt collecting agency will never only send you an email. They will always accompany an intimation email with a letter in the mail.generally, collection agencies communicate formally through Snail mail. In case you receive a call from the collection agency, keep a lookout for a letter from them as well. Make sure you communicate in writing with the agency so that there is a paper trail generated which can be used as proof later on.
  • It is a normal practice for a collection agency to share their contact information. If the agency fails to share basic contact information such as name of the company, its office address, or a phone number, it is enough reason for you to doubt their legitimacy.
  • Since the basic aim of a collection agency is to recover the money you owe them, they would always want to work with you, instead of working against you. Thus, they should be able to provide you further details regarding the money you owe them. In case they fail to provide you with such information, or threaten and berate you, you have strong grounds to doubt their integrity and validity. 

How To Remove 11 Charter Communications From My Credit Report?

You may make use of different strategies while dealing with a collections account on your credit report.

Let Us Discuss How to Remove 11 Charters Communications from Your Credit Report in Detail:

Hiring the Services of a Professional:

In case you feel you do not have the time, knowledge, or the confidence required to deal with a collections account, it is advisable to take the services of a professional credit repair company. These companies are experts at handling collections accounts and can help you not only remove the debt from your report but also improve your credit score

They are well versed with the rules, regulations and rights that protect a customer under the Fair Credit Debt Collection Act (FDCPA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). These laws were enacted to help customers and protect their rights against the collecting agencies. Credit repair companies know how to use these laws to your advantage and can make the entire process hassle free for you.

Make a Request for Debt Validation:

If you do not wish to hire the services of a credit repair company, you can request for a debt validation letter from the collecting agency. In case you have the doubt that you do not owe the debt to the agency, you have the option of disputing the debt. Additionally, even if you feel that you owe the money to the agency, you can still dispute it to remove the negative entry from 11 Charter Communications on your credit report. 

You need to send the collecting agency a validation letter within 30 days of receiving the negative collection account on your credit report. The FDCPA has made it compulsory for collecting agencies to provide customers with a valid proof of the debt they own.

If the collecting agency fails to provide sufficient proof of the validation of the debt on your request, they will have to remove the collection account from your credit report and stop all collection effort towards your debt. This will help improve your credit report.

Negotiate a Settlement with the Agency:

Another strategy of dealing with a collections account is negotiating a settlement with the collecting agency. Such a negotiation between a creditor and debtor for delinquent debts is also known as ‘pay-for-delete’. 

The procedure by which it works is simple. You pay the agency, the agreed upon debt amount or the amount decided after the negotiation. But you make this payment only if the agency agrees to remove the negative collections account listed on your credit report.

You need to make sure that all this communication is done in a written manner and a contract is drafted and you as well as the collecting agency sign the contract. In case the matter is escalated further, you can present the paper trail and the contract as a proof of the negotiation.

Goodwill Deletion of Collections Account:

Last but not the least, you can ask the collecting agency for a goodwill deletion of the negative account from your credit report. 

To request for a goodwill deletion, you need to simply write a letter to the collecting agency. In this letter, you need to present a brief outline stating the reasons why you failed to pay the debt entirely, or in part, or within the given timeline. It helps, if you are honest, transparent and genuine while writing this letter and mention the hardships, if any, that stopped you from making the payment on time.

This is just a chance that you are taking, and does not guarantee that the agency would remove the negative entry from your credit report. However, there is no harm in taking a chance. 

Your Rights When You Deal With 11 Charter Communications

11 charter communications

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There are very strict regulations on the measures that a collecting agency can take to collect the money it has to recover from a customer. The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act does not allow the use of deceptive or abusive methods by the collecting agency to recover their money. As a customer, you enjoy several rights against the collecting agency which are stated below:

  • 11 Charter Communications must provide accurate and complete information on the customer’s credit report, else it shall be considered as a violation of the federal law.
  • You have the option of requesting a debt validation and the agency must provide you with sufficient proof regarding the validation of the debt, failing with, they must remove the negative entry from your credit report, even if it was a valid entry. 
  • All personal debts, including auto loans,personal credit cards, mortgage payments and household bills are covered. 
  • 11 Charter Communications does not hold the right to threaten you, repeatedly call you, harass you, swear at you or publicly present your name as a debtor. 
  • 11 Charter Communications can not hide their identity while trying to recover the debt from you. They must reveal their identity while making collection efforts, both orally as well as in writing. 
  • Unless they actually have the intention of taking a legal action against you, they can not threaten you of the same or scare you of getting you arrested. 

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Useful Tips On Dealing With 11 Charter Communications

Don’t Entertain Phone Calls:

Do not talk to your debt collection agency over phone calls. If the agency makes you any offer, including the ‘pay-for-delete’, make sure to get it in writing from them. Inform them politely that you deal only in written communication and hang up the call. If they still keep calling persistently, make sure to send them a cease and desist letter.

Recording the Calls:

In case you must deal with them over the phone, record all the telephonic conversations that you have with the agency. Most of the states allow you torecoed the phone calls secretly, in the rest of the cases, you can always request permission from the other party and then record the calls. If you inform them that you are recording the call and they still keep on with the conversation, you can consider it as a consent, if they do not wish to be recorded, they will hang up the call.

Don’t Believe Everything They Tell You:

It is common practice that a collecting agency would lie to you or make false threats to make you pay, thus it makes sense not to blindly believe everything the collecting agent tells you.

Don’t Make an Effort to Hide Money:

In case you genuinely owe money to a collecting agency, it would be considered a fraud on your part if you try to hide money or assets from them. However, you also do not need to give them access to your bank accounts or give them your credit card information.

Don’t Put in Applications for New Lines of Credit:

If you have not been able to pay your current creditors, you can not apply for new lines of credit and if you do so, it will be considered as a fraud.

Don’t Ignore the Collecting Agency:

Since 11 Charter Communications is a legit agency, ignoring them will not reduce your troubles. They won’t go away if you do not respond to them and would actually put yourself in a position to face a probable lawsuit against yourself.

Statute of Limitations:

Every state has a certain statute of limitations on the unpaid debt a customer owes. After a pending debt has passed a certain amount of time, it is considered as a ‘zombie debt’. A customer is not expected to pay a zombie debt. A collection agency can not sue you for such a debt but can still contact you for its payment, even though you are not required to pay them anymore. This time period usually lies between 4-6 years for most states, but may vary too. 

11 Charter Communications Complains

It is not unusual for debt collecting agencies to face several complaints against them with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Most of these complaints are regarding harassing telephone calls, inaccurate debt reports, or when they fail to verify a debt. As a customer, if you are facing a situation similar to the above mentioned reasons, you can also consider filing a complaint against the collecting agency. 

Contact Information Of 11 Charter Communications

11 Charter Communications contact number and address is listed below for your use:

11 Charter Communications address:

Charter Communications, Inc.

12405 Powerscourt Dr

St. Louis, MO 63131

Website: https://www.spectrum.com

11 Charter Communications phone number:

(833) 267-6097

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